The story of moses

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The story of moses

Moses, born in Egypt on the seventh day of Adar, 2368 or 1393 BC, was the third child of Amram and Jocheved.

At the time of his birth, the Jews in Egypt were subjected to slavery and ruthless diktats.

When Moses was only three months old he was concealed in a basket and floated in the river Nile to evade the decree of the Egyptian Pharaoh that every male Hebrew child is to be drowned.

Ironically, he was rescued by Batyah, the daughter of Pharaoh, who raised him as her own child.

Moses had to flee Egypt at the age of  20 after murdering an Egyptian guard who was thrashing a Jew.

He relocated to Midian, married Zipporah and became the father of two sons.

One evening when Moses was shepherding in Mount Horeb, God appeared before him and called upon him to free the Jews from slavery.

Moses took out the Jews from Egypt after performing several miracles, which are known as the Ten Plagues.

After performing these miracles, Moses led the Jew Exodus out of Egypt across the Red Sea to Mount Sinai, where he received the "Ten Commandments" from God.

He breathed his last on the day of his 120th birthday on Mount Nebo, within sight of the "Promised Land".

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