What is scientology?

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What is scientology?

Scientology is a faith in the literal sense which offers a comprehensive pathway which can lead to a person developing an understanding of their spiritual nature.

The person through Scientology will also be able to understand his or her relation to the self and their family. In short, the person will develop a compassionate approach towards self, society and the mankind in general. This faith or religion has been developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

This faith goes much beyond addressing the concerns of mind or body and dwells deep into the spirit. It does not consider man to be a product of his or her immediate environment only and takes a deep insight often linking up to a spiritual level.

Scientology believes that man is a good creature and the spiritual upliftment is something which only he can attain. Attainment of brotherhood with self and with universe will help him reach that goal. In this faith, it is not expected from the person that they will accept things based on faith only. Rather, the person is expected to apply these on himself or herself and believe only if they get results out of the same.

Spiritual enlightenment is a vital goal that Scientology wishes to achieve.

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