The biblical story of Jesus

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The biblical story of Jesus
  • Jesus Christ is a renowned person in history.

  • His death marks the utmost divide in history that is BC and AD. He is the Son of God and He actually did many cool stuff while He came into this world for us. The biblical story of Jesus goes like this.

  • Jesus was born in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph in a stable at an inn as there was no place there at that time. A star guided the three wise men from the East to visit this newborn baby. And angels sang to the shepherds as they heard the good news that a Messiah is born to save them. His coming was long foretold and people all awaited His coming. But the Jews (the so-called law abiding people) did not believe in Him.

  • Jesus grew and worked with His parents till he was thirty. After this He started His ministry of healing the sick, teaching, driving out demons, raising the dead to life and so on. His teachings at the Mount that is the Beatitudes was the most powerful and baffling. He came to die for the sinners so that the price is paid for their sins and now they can live free from guilt. And so He died for us and restored us from our ugly state. On the third day, He rose again so that we all might live and went to Heaven where He is sitting at the right hand of the Father and interceding for us. He is going to come back to take us into an eternal place.

  • Jesus Christ thus, came for a purpose so that we all might be saved. 

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