Difference between atheism and Satanic atheism

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Difference between atheism and Satanic atheism

Atheism is not a disbelief in God, but a disbelief in the worship of deities.

An atheist does not believe that God resides in deities but does believe in a supreme force that rules the Universe. However, he does not think that this God makes us do all the activities in our lives. Atheism teaches us to lead a practical life.

Every atheist has their own view about life. Some think that life can be better if the social condition of mankind improves and some stress on political or economic improvement. They are of the opinion that these improvements cannot be made through the worship of deities which the theist personify as God. They are philosophical and secular too, having faith in humanism but base their belief on rational argument and do not believe in things that are not physically visible.

Satanic atheism, on the other hand, does believe in the existence of a life after death and something supernatural but they base their belief on evidence. They do not believe in telepathy, precognition or clairvoyance. They raise doubts so that they can explore the truth.

They too like the atheists do not deny the existence of God but question their physical existence on the Earth. Neither they deny the existence of ghost. A 'Satanic atheist thinks all other atheists to have a narrower view where the exploration of truth is concerned.

This is because they claim that their search for truth is more absolute as they search for the existence of God as well as the evil force 'Satan'. They take full responsibilities of their own action and place themselves in the centre of the Universe.  The satanic atheists champion doubt but not the certainty of God.  

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Atheism is and always is lack of belief in Gods in any form be it deities or persons or in any other form. Atheists believes in rational approach and explanation.

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