Eco friendly EID

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Eco friendly EID

India is a country of diversity and is the largest democracy in the world. Here people of all races stay together with different cultures and diversified religions. All together this makes India a unique country.

The government of India has been taking initiatives in making the world pollution free and therefore encouraging to have all the festivals like Holi and Diwali in an eco-friendly manner. As in festivals like these, substantial use of crackers and chemically enhanced colours are done harming a lot of people, so India adopted the eco-friendly way of celebrating festivals, which in no time has become a new trend.

The term eco-friendly is very common when it comes to the festivals in India. Recently one of the political leaders raised a question about Eid, which is a major festival of the Muslims to be celebrated in an eco-friendly manner. This has created a very big stage for debate as every religion is allowed to maintain their traditions and customs and in a country like India where all group of religions stay together, topics like this might create anger among the preferred community.

Everyone knows the sacrifices of animals, especially goats, made during the festival of eid which is the main point to create an eco-friendly Eid. Precisely celebrating Eid without the animal being sacrificed is the main motive. Many activists came in favour of this as the innocent animals whose numbers were in thousands, get killed in the name of religion every year.

The sacrifice that is made in Eid is actually a symbol of giving a precious thing of yours to God as an offering. But that doesn't mean to torture a speechless animal for a certain number of days, and then sacrifice it to God.

In any religion whatsoever, God never asked to kill innocent animals to make him happy. But not only in Eid, in several other religions, there are various other practices made all over the country where in the name of God thousands of animals are killed.

The festival of Eid is happy and prosperous and yields a good fortune, so everything is done in a peaceful manner. Let's have a clear picture about it.

It is considered as a festival in which immense faith and respect to God are shown through the sacrifice. The Muslim community celebrates it every year in a grand way and the animal which is sacrificed is used for its meat. Along with that, the meat is kept by the house members and also is distributed among friends and relatives. Some people also arrange big feasts for the poor and needy people to offer them food and clothing.

In every part of the world, the festival of Eid is celebrated in equal gestures. There are various kinds of food preparations involved and sweet stalls are also made on the streets for the people so that after the holy prayer they can break the day-long fast. People buy new clothes, perfumes, visit houses, gift sweets and flowers and spend time together.

The whole concept of Eid is all about love and spending time with family and friends. The only thing that makes it a topic of debate is the animal sacrifice it involves. The act of killing an animal is cruel and brutal and by no means can be considered as a good cause.

Just because the sacrifice is made in the name of God, it doesn't get a clean tag on it. Rather, in contrast, it shows the dark side of human nature where people for their own belief and interpretation of sacrifice, kill an innocent and speechless animal.

The sacrifice should be stopped as it serves no good to anyone and is a very cruel act. The number of animals, goats, that are killed every year is rising with time and has become a business. The breeders raise more and more of these animals so that they are sacrificed and sold in auctions with a very high bid amount.

The auspicious festival of Eid is becoming an act of commercial business which includes the killing of animals. The real essence of it is somewhere missing which people are failing to understand.

The person with the true understanding of God word would never go for the killing of animals or sacrifice them. The real knowledge will come with the correct interpretation of the holy book which if the religious leader wants, he can preach. The topic of eco-friendly Eid directly points out to stop killing of animals but the leader who suggested this can also have other motives in political ways. This issue is very controversial in today's date. Whatever the reason may be but the idea of killing the animals for sacrifice is not a good, though. Which should be the main motive and everyone should be made concerned about it. However, most of the population are coming forward against this animal sacrifice act, making several moves to stop it.

But with all of the major hurdles in a country like India, we cannot force our thoughts on others and cannot question them on their own beliefs. Here people can continue the tradition of their religion and any harm to their religious beliefs is a punishable offence.

With respect to the cultural beliefs of the religion, we can only ask for the alternatives of the killing of the poor animal but cannot demand to stop it as it is considered as a major part of the religious festival of Eid.

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