Events around the World 2017

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Events around the World 2017

If you are a travel freak, 2017 could be a great year for you. There will be numerous events throughout the year and these are likely to keep you occupied. Below we list some of these key events which you can plan to visit.

1. Special Olympics World Winter Games

If you are planning to visit Austria, March could be the best month to do so. Schladming and Graz cities in Austria will be hosting Special Olympic World Winter Games from March 14th to March 25th.

2. Monteverdi festival, Cremona, Italy

450th birthday of choral music composer Monteverdi will be celebrated in his hometown of Cremona. If you are planning to visit Italy, keep this special event on your itinerary. The event is likely to be held by end of May and attracts visitors from across the globe.

3. Cannes Film festival, France

Though each version of Cannes film festival is special but the 70th anniversary is something unique. If you are a die heart Hollywood fan, a ticket to Cannes should be your priority.

4. Total Eclipse, US

Interested in scientific research? A total solar eclipse is likely to take place on August 21, 2017, in parts of North and South Carolina, Missouri, Nebraska and Idaho and your presence will make the occasion, a worthwhile moment for you.\

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Yes, it will help you explore new things.

Travelling is wonderful in many ways. Travelling increases our knowledge and widens our perspective towards how we look at things. As we travel we are exposed to more new people their cultures and the lifestyle they follow. If we don't travel our knowledge remains limited to our homeland where we live in. With all the newness in our life that travelling brings in, we are also opened to new insights, ways of how we see the world and living, which often gives us a new purpose for our lives. 

Travelling around the globe to witness the events happening around in the world will not only increases our knowledge but also these new experiences will increase our resourcefulness by living situations we would never encounter at home.

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