Several Injured As Fire Engulfs The West London Tower

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Several Injured As Fire Engulfs The West London Tower

In what seems to have become a regular trend in England’s capital London, it has yet again been shocked by a tragic incident. This time, a massive fire has raged through the entire night at a West London tower block, with eyewitnesses claiming people are still trapped inside.

More than 200 firefighters are still tackling the blaze at the Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, where hundreds of people are thought to live. The London Ambulance has meanwhile tweeted that it has started out rescue operations and more than 50 people have been shipped to the hospital. However, it is feared that a lot of people are still unaccounted for.

Although the reason for the sudden breakout of the fire and the number of causalities is still unknown, here is all we know about the major incident:

Where Was the Fire?

It took place in the 27-storey Grenfell Tower. It was built in 1974 and contains 120 homes. The fire broke out shortly before 1 am, late night, with London Fire Brigade saying it was called at 12.54 am. According to several witnesses, the blaze started on one side of the tower block, before sweeping around the building and engulfing it in flames from the second to the top floor.

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What did Witnesses See?

Many witnesses have revealed some shocking and horrific sights. One of the witnesses said of hearing screams and seeing some people using bed sheets to escape from the tall building. The London Fire Brigade has urged people to cover their faces with wet towels so that they don’t inhale the poisonous air.

(Image Courtesy: ABC)

Who Is At The Scene?

The London Fire Brigade made an immediate response to the massive fire and reached the spot only minutes after the fire broke out. They have been constantly posting about their updates on the control of fire. Fire crews have been sent from North Kensington, Kensington, Hammersmith, and Paddington. Around 40 fire engines are present at the location. Apart from that, the London ambulance service has sent its Hazardous Area Response Team.

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How Many People Are Injured?

The picture is still very unclear. The London Ambulance initially said that 2 people were sent to the local hospital due to excessive inhaling of the hazardous gasses, and the number increased drastically to 30 after a short while. Nothing is clear as of now; however, if you have a loved one trapped there or wants to make sure that they are fine, London’s Metropolitan Police has set up a hotline number to address your grievances.

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Is This The First Of Its Kind Instance Of Massive fire?

No, in July 2009, six people were killed at more than 20 injured when in a blaze at Lakanal House, a tower block in Camberwell, south east London. In May 1968 four people were killed and 17 injured when Ronan Point, a tower block in Newham, east London, partially collapsed after a gas explosion, which blew out several load-bearing walls.

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In what has come as a shocking revelation is that many people are calling this as an act of terror. Experts are claiming that it is virtually impossible for such a tall building to erupt in flames within minutes. The police are taking a closer look at this angle with a probable sense of arson. Many people are claiming it to be terrorist attack as well. However, as of now, nothing can be concluded concretely, the fact of the matter remains that this is a major tragedy to have hit London. This is also the fourth time in 4 weeks that there have been critical issues of national security in London.

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