What are the pros and cons of being a celebrity?

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What are the pros and cons of being a celebrity?

A Celebrity is a person or individual who has achieved enormous fame and power in a specific field, especially which are garnered by media persons. The media is the one who makes people termed as Celebrities. No doubt in India Cricketers and Actors along with few Businessmen are labeled as Celebrities, but at times even a small person is made overnight Celebrity because of extensive media focus. No doubt being a Celebrity is enjoyed to the core. People who experience such life are rare and even envied by many. But it's not hard work that makes a person achieve fame and status. Sometimes luck also matters a lot. No doubt hard work is the base in every field. Hard wok always gets paid up. But in due course, a little bit of luck also helps in achieving a Celebrity tag to these personalities.

What does it take to become a Celebrity?

There must be various things enjoyed by them that a common person can't even dream of. But at the same time, they have to face a lot of criticism and problems that a common man never faces. Celebrity has lots of things to loose, whereas a common man has none, in public, though. It is easy to live a Celebrity’s life but it is equally difficult for maintaining one. Let's discuss various pros and cons of being a Celebrity. No doubt someday when someone gets the life of a Celebrity he/she might be aware of the cons and will try the best not to get captured in them.

PROS Being a Celebrity


Obviously being a Celebrity, fame is vital. We all envy Celebrities because of the enormous fame they earn in due course. Not that all Celebrities achieve equal fame. But some Celebrities have achieved humongous fame across the globe. Everywhere they are recognized and followed blindly by individuals. Leading a life where everyone wants to click a selfie with you is worth living. Therefore fame is such a criteria that Celebrities enjoy to the core and a normal person has fame only up to his/her workplace.


This will rightly follow fame, for obvious. Celebrities are huge earners. They earn in millions. Be it in Bollywood or in the west, Hollywood, Celebrities be of any field earn much more than we can even imagine. They pay a heavy tax and that too in advance every year which makes people wonder of their total net worth. Having a lot of money is everyone's dream, therefore, money is another such criteria which the Celebrities enjoy and a common has certain boundaries set for income and spend.

Relaxed Job

We all know celebrities work hard every single day to achieve the name and fame that they are considered of. But they don’t have the kind of pressure a normal person or an individual of the working class goes through every day. Celebrities are established persons of various sectors. Be it in business, art or sports. They have achieved name and fame because they already have achieved a position. Unlike the common man who strives every day to reach a position and increase the salary allowance. The job of celebrities depends on the various fields they work in but are barred from any dead limits or any kind of mistreatment as a fellow worker goes through in various job sectors.

Inspiring People

The best part of being a Celebrity, although totally by me, is the fact that they get to inspire a lot of people. The things they wear, the brands they endorse and even at times the word they speak inspire a huge mass of people worldwide. No doubt Celebrities who have struggled a lot to achieve the name and power, are the ones that inspire good. On the other hand, spoiled brats, especially those who are born Celebrity, have a negative impact on the masses. Therefore inspiring people should always be on the positive side and Celebrities should take care of the inspiration they provide because they truly can change the mindset of an entire generation following them.

CONS Being a Celebrity


Everyone knows Celebrities are the special targets of the media personalities. The media is completely biased on the statements and lives of Celebrities than any other thing. At a time it makes me feel as if the media exists because of the Celebrities. Because if a Celebrity goes or does something wrong, the media repeats the news a number of times and focusses on the Celebrity than any other news. They becoming a constant victim of media is one of the worst parts of being a Celebrity. They get targeted every other day about certain things that they have done even unknowingly.

No Privacy

Being a Celebrity, you are watched by millions every day. Several people turn on their Television just to have a look at the Celebrity’s lifestyle. No doubt there is a moment when a person prefers to share time with close ones. Even Celebrities are humans, they even desire to have privacy like any other individual. But they are constantly followed by media persons and are clicked by them, which greatly hampers their private life. A common man, on the other hand, is safe and enjoys privacy in his/her own home. Celebrities have to find stranded places on earth to get this.


Being a Celebrity has a burden of being responsible. He/she cannot just break some minute rules on a day to day life. If they do so, they are chased by media persons and ridiculed making headlines, which gradually becomes a great controversy. A common man at times can break a signal, can speed up his/her vehicle or even can roam in the wee hours of the night. But Celebrities have to be quite responsible when it comes to breaking rules, even if the rule is meant to be broken. They have to be careful with each and every action they perform so that it doesn’t become a part of controversy later.


Being a Celebrity obviously has less job stress, but to be on a particular field for years requires a lot of things. Therefore they are under constant pressure of being overthrown. Be it a businessman, cricketer or an actor, every personality fears someday his era will end and someone will overthrow him/her from the position he/she has acquired. This creates a lot of tension and they have to follow certain strategies to be in the position that they are. Slightest mistake and they are out of the game. A common man although has work pressure, but he/she is sure that he will get the salary and the work is there to stay. No one will overthrow him/her and take the job without valid reasons. So being a Celebrity, there is a constant pressure of being number one.

These are some of the facts of being a Celebrity. We all admire them and follow them. Some of us even want to become a Celebrity at a later stage. But it is always advisable to be careful in what you are wishing for. Because every field has some cons, and considering a celebrity whose positive aspects are huge, the negative side will also have a large list.
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