Which Smartphone is better: Samsung Galaxy C9 vs Samsung Galaxy C7?

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Which Smartphone is better: Samsung Galaxy C9 vs Samsung Galaxy C7?

Are you a Samsung phone user? If given a choice between Samsung Galaxy C9 and Samsung Galaxy C7, which smartphone would you opt for?

While both the phones are impeccable in terms of features, it's rather a matter of personal choice that becomes the deciding factor among the two phones. So what's your choice?

Tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your favorite with us. We would love to hear from you!

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Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has got a bigger dimension as compared to Samsung Galaxy C7. They both are nonremovable-battery-phone. So, if you want a phone where you can remove the battery when required then these are not a good choice. The battery capacity of C9 Pro is 4000mah, that is more than C7. However, C7 beats C9 Pro in this area of a processor, C9 has an Octa-Core processor of just 1.44Ghz whereas C7 has 2Ghz octa-core processor. C9 has a 6GBG RAM which is more as compared to C7. They both have the same quality camera but C9 has a better front camera as compared to C7. C9 doesn’t have the latest version of android while C7 has got an android marshmallow. If you consult gadget360.com, you will be able to find a clear difference in the price as well. In my opinion, C7 is a better phone as it has high RAM and a better processor which is all we need for the phone to not hang time and again. 

Samsung is truly a reliable brand. I have been a loyal Samsung user for almost 6 years and each of their devices works perfectly. Both C7 and C9 are better performing gadgets!!

I have been using Samsung for quite some time now and I would definitely go for Samsung Galaxy c9. it completely due to its design. It looks different from other Samsung phones.

I would go for the Samsung C7. haven't used a Samsung device in quite a long time but its features make me want to buy it. 

The C9 is not only better because of its superior specs over the C7, but also because it provides a better value for money. 

I would surely go for Galaxy C9 due to its appearance! Not a Samsung user as such but since it resembles an iPhone so would go for that.

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