What does 'No Pun Intended' mean?

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What does 'No Pun Intended' mean?

A joke or playing with words is known as Pun. Using the words in such a manner that you make other people laugh is taken as a pun. It can usually have more than one meaning. Even if the spellings of the terms are different, it ends up having many meanings.  

The phrase “no pun intended” is used and added to the sentence when someone has made a pun. By adding “no pun intended” to your statement you are clarifying that the sentence is to be taken seriously. The intention behind mentioning this phrase is to view the statement not as a joke just because it had a pun in it.

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At times the purpose behind the usage is just to get the reader’s attention so that they don’t miss the pun that was used in the sentence. Some people also use it sarcastically just as a medium to poke someone. The person who’s on the receiving end may take some of the jokes personally. In order to avoid that situation phrases like these are used.

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It is weird sometimes as it is quite visible that some people just use it to get their joke recognized. Like “Hah! I just made a joke accidentally, please laugh.” However, it can actually happen that the use of this phrase becomes necessary.

Different people have a different approach to this phrase. If you have anything interesting to share with us, do comment below or get in touch with us.

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