What does FOMO mean?

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What does FOMO mean?

Have you seen FOMO or YOLO too often popping up in your Facebook feed and have been trying to figure out its meaning?

Allow us to explain it to you in a detailed manner.

#1. What Does FOMO Mean?

FOMO is the pitiable whimper of the 20-somethings. FOMO is an abbreviation to “Fear of Missing Out” which is the anxiety fashioned by the continuous inflow of information on social media updating you that your friends are having way more fun than you are.

A teen cannot have a proper FOMO because their life is controlled by constraints on social interaction or curfews and obviously homework. Their options are limited to choosing between which parties to attend.

FOMO sets in after college when Sunday nights are no more about homework, and you become a free bird. You have a valley of options to choose from. FOMO is not the problem of having multiple options but about the pressure of choosing the right one.

The feeling of you sitting at a local bar while your friend's groove to the tunes of live concerts or their twitter accounts flooded with check-ins into some bizarre clubs or dine-ins is the feeling of a major FOMO! This is the burden you face in your late 20-somethings'my friend.

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#2. What Does The Abbreviation FOMO Mean?

A huge buffet of opportunities is for the teenagers and college students, but what a 28-year-old is left with is a result of his choices. The slimming down of options in one’s life causes panic and creates a moment of FOMO.

FOMO might have gained popularity in the recent times only, but the quarter-life crisis that it relates to is the new reality of the generation. The phenomenon usually occurs between the early 20’s and early 30’s flooded with regrets, disappointments, depression, confusions, loneliness, and insecurities. According to surveys that were conducted for the same, shockingly about 86% of young people admitted of embracing the quarter-life crisis even before touching their 30’s. The pressure of a successful relationship, financial security, and physical appearances has been creating a void amongst the youth which ends up in depression and anxiety.

Social media has played a significant role in fueling our hunger for fantasies and desires. Moments like checking your LinkedIn account to find that few of your friends got promoted, scrolling through Instagram to look at the exotic vacation pictures of your classmates or logging in to your Facebook account and see your cousin’s beaming face with her engagement ring on, gives you a minor panic attack. And that’s when you use FOMO!

The negative magnitudes of FOMO comprise of self-identity complications, loneliness, negative self-image, feelings of personal insufficiency, disconnection and jealousy which are the common characteristics of quarter life crisis too.

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To bring it all together, many of us are suffering from a permanent fear of missing out i.e. “FOMO,”. The term was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013, defined as the feeling of “anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere.”

Do you think that FOMO keeps reminding you that somebody out there has a better job, a better car, a better relationship, or is making more money? Let us know in the comment section below.

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