What is More Important: Friends or Family?

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What is More Important: Friends or Family?

One's family is an all-weather setup, however, friends are pretty seasonal. Family zone vs. friend zone, what's more important, depends upon the kind of relationship you share with them. The importance of friends is one side of the coin whereas family's importance in life is another side. Be it your friends or the family, both hold equal importance in your years of existence.

From being born to attending the school, surviving college to marriage, children, struggles and what not - each phase of life comes with the support and affection of either your friends or a family member.

Family's Importance In Life

#1. Why is the family more important? It's just for the reason that all of you share the same blood line.

#2. You like them, you hate them, but you cannot ignore the intrinsic part of your life.

#3. Family puts your well-being first on the priority list, what may ever be the situation.

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#4. Even your BFF has a family who would consider it as an inherent part of their life.

#5. You'll be enormously pampered and taken care of throughout your life.

#6. Family's love is eternal. Other members just expect your presence and unshakeable support. A friend might tend to just avoid you in the situation of difficulty.

#7. Family members do not back stab. However, expecting that from a friend is probably real.

#8. Family members are ready to sacrifice their own happiness just to see you smile. A friend might keep the intentions of defeating you for his/ her own advantage.

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#9. Your family has constantly been there with you since your very existence. 

#10. None of you chose each other, but the truth remains that you all have been together through every thick and thin. And family is the one that forms your ultimate personality.

#11. Your family inculcates a sense of trust, belongingness, mutual respect, compassion and the art of balancing in every circumstance.

#12. They aren't judgmental. Even if your family ties are not stronger, each of you stay under the same roof, lead different lives, yet you will find them all march through the way to protect you from the darkness.

The Importance Of Friends

#1. Some, not all, friends are like your soulmates. They teach you the real meaning of life.

#2. Every person has two kinds of personalities. One, that's before their family and the other, that's before their friends. Friends understand you better! They bring out a personality which even you might not be aware of. 

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#3. Relationships that we form with our friends are not monotonous, negative or serious. There is some kind of an adventure brought about by our friends to spice up your life.

#4. As we grow older, family ties are often left behind. Friends help us rediscover our social lives. They even help us in the times when you lose someone close. 

#5. Friends are the ultimate support for those who do not depend on their families, are away from them or are single.

#6. Friends or family - whose the one you can choose? Of course friends! And over the course of time, you tend to stay with the ones you feel positive with.

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#7. Friendships are more influential than family relationships.

#8. Friends are a huge support system in matters you cannot share with any of your family members. However, they aren't a replacement. They are complimentary to your family bonds.

On one hand, there are good families and there are bad families. On the other hand, there are good friends and there are bad friends. What eventually matters is the kind of person you are with. And be it a friend or family, what's important is the one who makes you see the real you.

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I believe that both friends and family have their own exclusive and special space in anyone's life. It is wrong on every level to put the two under comparison. 

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