How to Fix Sleep Schedule?

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How to Fix Sleep Schedule?

Insomnia is on the rise these days. If you too are going through sleeping disorders, it is time that you get your sleeping schedule back on track. Irregular sleeping patterns can lead to health issues and cause restlessness and irritation.

Insomnia is a part of an unhealthy lifestyle and should be prevented as soon as possible.

#1. Messed Up Sleep Schedule

Waking the night away and sleeping off the afternoons constitute a messed up sleeping schedule. You can know if your sleeping schedules have been messed up if you are dead awake in the nights, and are found inside the covers even when the clock ticks late afternoons. Sleeping schedules usually mess up during college days, when completing the assignments at the eleventh hour becomes a part of your pattern. You can also thank the ‘can’t miss out parties’, and the general restlessness to cause those sleep disorders. Irregular sleep schedules can actually be very harmful to your body. It can make you lose out on your concentration, can make you prone to colds, and can even cause skin breakouts.

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#2. How To Get Your Sleep Schedule Back On Track?

To prevent yourself from falling into the trap of sleepless nights, here are certain ways that can help you get your sleep back on track.

#3. Observe Your Sleep Needs

How much do I normally sleep? When do I usually sleep? Why do I feel the need for adjusting my sleep hours? What sleep schedules suits me the most? These are a few of the questions you need to ask yourself to find accurate answers.

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#4. Eat And Drink At The Right Time

Apart from following a balanced diet, it is highly important that you consume them at the right hours of the day. The food that you eat and the drinks that you consume can impact your sleep patterns. Prefer keeping your night meals on the lighter side, and consume them at least 2-3 hours before your bed time. 

#. Avoid Intakes Of Any Stimulants And Depressants 

Intake of stimulants like coffee, tea or any other products that are high on caffeine or nicotine should be avoided during the late hours of the day. Depressants like alcohol can also adversely affect your sleeping patterns.

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#5. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise will help you get easy and deep sleep. Do not exercise just before your bed time because it might stimulate your energy levels which will result in you being awake for long.

Best Ways To Fix Sleep Schedule 

Follow these tips and tricks to fix your sleeping schedules.

#1. Stay Loyal To Your Routine 

Follow a fixed routine of sleeping and waking up. Try to go to bed at the same time, fulfilling all your duties of the day. To make sure that you wake up fresh, catch up on 7-8 hours of stress-free and deep sleep. To prepare your body, you can do something to relax; a warm bath or some soothing music might help.

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#2. Turn On The Lights

If you are not an early bird, then waking up in the mornings will cause you a lot of trouble. Ask your mother to switch on all the possible lights, and uncover the windows to let the light fall in your room. A bright room will prevent you from lazing around any further.

#3. Darker The Better

Avoid sleeping in dim lights, because they do not let your eyes rest completely. Switch off the lights, screens, E-readers, cell phones, and any other device that emits blue light. For an undisturbed sleep, keep the room as dark as possible.

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Do you have any more tips to get rid of Insomnia? Let us know in the comment section below.

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