Does it bother you that people gamble on sporting events?

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Does it bother you that people gamble on sporting events?

Gambling on sporting events or sports betting is illegal in most countries. It has become a matter of concern throughout the world as match-fixing has not only marred the lives of many sports personal but has also spoiled the reputation of many countries. When did the act of sports betting or gambling start is still unknown but the biggest sports gambling came to light in the year 1919 World Series. It was an  International baseball series in which the Chicago franchise conspired with the gamblers to intentionally lose the world series games. This was the 'Black box Scandal' which was the last baseball series without a commissioner of baseball. The outcome of the sports gambling was the ban enforced on eight players of White Sox' for match fixing in 1920. Not only the parties involved but it's also the players that are dragged into this unethical deed and both their image and career get tarnished.   

 Though sports gambling is illegal yet it has been made legal in fantasy sports( a type of online sports where participants assemble imaginary or virtual team of real players of a professional sports books in Nevada. It is an online sports betting site where betters can book  a place to bet on games like baseball, basketball, football. Some college series have also been legalized in Nevada sports book which has become a matter of concern for U.S. Senators. This is because there is some level of corruption in accepting college wagers.A law was passed in 2001 to prevent college students from betting which also declared betting in Olympics as illegal. 

 Sports gambling is the most prevalent in cricket and horse racing. Both in India and abroad laws have been framed to prevent betting on sports as it leads to match fixing. Sports gambling is something that is bothering every ethical citizen and nation. It is something that increases the greed of both the wager, sportsman and the sports authorities who are involved in the gambling process and leads to the number of scandals. The quality of sports also suffers. Players show more interested in the money they earn whether legally or illegally and neglect the game as a whole. Betting or sports gambling thus affects the reputation of both the players and their country and also the quality of the game. A country's revenue too is adversely affected by sports gambling as the money that a country is spending on the sports personal is lost or wasted when the players don't concentrate on the game but the amount they get.   

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