Use of drugs and banned steroids by sports personnel

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Use of drugs and banned steroids by sports personnel

The increasing tendency of using drugs and banned substances such as steroids by eminent sports personnel across the globe is not only alarming but also a dangerous trend.

Doping or use of drugs or other performance enhancing substances is now a key topic in virtually every sport- indoor or outdoor and has been discovered in athletes from all age groups and gender, and at every stage of competition.

For some sportspersons, the fear and humiliation of losing or being an underperformer are worse than the numerous upshots of doping, and for decades debates on performance enhancing drug have made headlines all over the world.

Noted athletes, cricketers, football stars, tennis stars have faced either lifetime or long time ban because of taking drugs to enhance or better their performance in sports events.

Weightlifter from India, Kunjarani Devi, Canadian Sprinter Ben Johnson, US athlete Marion Jones, US Cycling legend Lance Armstrong, American Baseball icons Alex Rodriguez and Pete Rose, Argentinean football legend Diego Maradona, Australian star cricketer and spin legend Shane Warne, Russian Tennis queen Maria Sharapova and Indian Wrestler Narsingh Yadav are a few names who have faced bans for allegedly using banned drugs.

Sportsmen should be made clear to stay away from drugs and regarding their adverse effects on the human metabolism.

It is necessary for sportsmen to maintain ethics and uphold the spirit of the game. Since they are considered as role models by the younger generation any unethical practice will tarnish their image and they will no longer be worshiped as idols by their fans and followers.

Mostly four types of drugs are used by athletes to augment their performance, each having a diverse impact.

Anabolic Steroids, Erythropoietin, Stimulants, and Synthetic Growth Hormones are usually used to enhance belligerence and synchronization of muscles.

In most cases, Anabolic Steroid is taken orally or through injection to raise the level of body mass and increase the strength of muscles.

Sports personnel need to understand the long-term adverse effect of such drugs, which include lifelong abnormal behavior, acne, high blood pressure, personality disorder, alterations in levels of blood cholesterol, coronary artery ailments, enhanced vulnerability to infections and even fatal ailments such as HIV and hepatitis.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has imposed a ban on the use of over 3,000 drugs, and any violation can not only lead to disqualification from a sports event and being stripped of their medals such as Ben Johnson in 1988 and Marion Jones in 2000 but also possibilities of lifetime ban for repeated offenders.

Sports personnel should never be oblivious of the fact that no one can win always and defeat is not at all disgraceful. They should learn to accept failures gracefully, instead of taking the help of banned drugs and disgrace themselves and their country.

It is the duty of sports associations, sports officials, and coaches to increase the level of awareness among sports personnel against the use of drugs and their adverse effects.

Sports personnel should never forget the famous saying – Failures are the Pillar of Success.

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