10 Most Terrifying Yet Thrilling Bungee Jumps In The World

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10 Most Terrifying Yet Thrilling Bungee Jumps In The World

Do you want to touch the skies? Do you want to have a miniature look of how the world looks from 800 feets above? And do you want to testify your strength or maybe just conquer your Acrophobia? Then, no high should seem too high for you! Bringing to you 10 most terrifying places to go for bungee jumping!

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These are amongst the highest, jaw-dropping, yet impressive bungee jumps, which are a real deal for the adventure seekers. And before we move forward, let's just clarify that bungee jumping is basically an adventure sport of vaulting from high-rise platforms. These can include jumps off a bridge, skyscraper, crane, cliff or just any elevated surface. And this isn't a sky fall, you are securely equipped with long nylon-cased rubber ropes/ bands around your ankles while jumping off. So now that you know, let's introduce you to the swinging world.

#1. Exclusive: Volcano Bungee Jump in Pucon, Chile - 250 m

This isn't a budget-friendly jump and definitely not for the on-spot backpacker. But still just imagine the sight of dropping yourself from not the bridges, cliffs or skyscrappers but from a helicopter into an ACTIVE VOLCANO. You basically get there in a helicopter flying around 10,000 feet up in the air, and boom, bungee jump into the volcanic crater towards the molten lava.

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Failure here is not an option and safety equipment plus timing is everything! The safety cord stretches within 350 to 375 feet, leaving the one jumping hovering just 700 feet above the lava! Goosebump arousal kind of a stuff, right?

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#2. 11th Tallest Tower: Macau Tower, China – 233 m

Hear of Macau and the thought of casino and gambling surrounds you! But Macau is much more than losing legacy over a machine. It's the place where famous New Zealand entrepreneur Alan John (also a famous bungee jumper) made his Guinness World record of 233-meter jump making it to the category of "highest commercial bungee jump" in the year 2007. Are you bold enough to break this record? Even if you aren't, still the Macau tower is an impeccable spot for you to experience the fall. And, the Macau Tower is surely a place to earn it.

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It is 6 seconds of bliss from this 11th tallest building in the whole world. Though it doesn't come cheap yet adventure is a venture. Fall from this place and gain the bragging rights permanently. With the right conditions make a fall from the 338m high tower remaining just 30m above the ground.

#3. Goldeneye: Verzasca Dam, Switzerland – 220 m 

Do not make a jump here if you are scared of gradually getting into the dark or are afraid of being around the concrete!

Remember the opening sequence from the James Bond movie GoldenEye? Yes, it is the same Dam fall. Though the dam is floodlit for ensuring safety yet it gradually feels dark while getting to the end after falling. The Verzasca Dam offers a swinging bungee that's only with a single cord. Also, you can test here your jumping nerves in the wee hours of the night.

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#4. Heart of Africa: Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa – 216 m 

Being the third highest bungee jumps in the world, this single span arch bridge, called Bloukrans, is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. Right from the heart of Southern Africa, the Bloukrans Bridge is commercially and naturally the highest bungee jumps.

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It is actually a triple dose of thrill being situated just above the Bloukrans River. But even after being so commercially accepted, the spot is yet not so familiar to the public outside. It's quite an infamous jumping point where you can leap in the area surrounded by the wilderness of South Africa. 

#5. Once A Year: Rio Grande Bridge, Taos, New Mexico – 206 m 

This jump experience is quite an intriguing one. It's a combination of thrills, mountain view, and the beautiful low-level river, the Rio Grande. This definitely is a sensational one for the bungee jump enthusiasts.

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The bungee jump activity on this bridge happens only once a year, generally during the fall season; hence, you need book tickets and accordingly plan your itinerary.

#6. Death Defying: Europabrücke Bridge, Innsbruck, Austria – 192 m 

Just in case you are in Austria and want to witness some death defying experiences go for bungee jumping at the Europabrüke Bridge. Air dive into the picturesque view of the Alps along with the cold wind infusing into you an altogether new life. This is nicely interlinked between Austria & Italy.

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#7. Suspension: Niouc Bridge, Switzerland – 189 m 

Switzerland has been known for its awe-inspiring landscapes along with being a preferred honeymoon destination. But that's not all, Switzerland also inhabits all sorts of adventures. At Niouc Bridge, get yourself strapped along the legs and make a plunge over the Navizence River. And let us tell you, this bridge is also the highest suspension bridge in the world!

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It is shaky, which makes it an exciting jumping spot, and surrounds mountains as high as 4000m. So, go ahead and take the jump amidst the panoramic Val d’Annivers valley.

#8. Perrine Bridge, Idaho, United States – 151 m

Under your bungee pod flows the majestic & alluring Snake River along with the wildest looking canyons on your sides. This would be unlike any view you would have ever seen! Touching the water, this point offers the most exciting bungee fall, which also happens at the night during specific times.

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Jumping here is limited to just once over the summers, and it could be a day or the night jump.

#9. Daredevil Courage: Kaivopuisto, Helsinki, Finland – 150 m

This bungee jump would definitely bring your heart to your mouth. No doubt why Finnish people are daredevils and courageous. Kaivopuisto bungee spot just proves it! At just 150 m, done between July-end till mid-August this insane jump is sheer entertainment along with being absolutely dreadful.

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This jump is a part of a beach activity organized by the local people for the ones who choose to fall from floating platforms in the sea. It also clubs other tailored bungee jumps diversifying the options for maintaining the interest of people.

#10. Bucket List Adventure: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe And Zambian Border – 110 m

This one's a controversial spot because of being featured for not the good but the opposite reasons - A woman's bungee jump cord got snapped and she fell into the crocodile infested water. But this still is amongst the most thrilling and beautiful bungee experiences.

(Image Courtesy: Jenman African Safaris)

The Victoria Bridge jump is 111 m of absolute fear as you jump into the circular rainbow and the mist created by the waterfall. This jump is quite affordable and as you come up, you can witness the ultimate scenic view of the Victoria Falls as the backdrop which is nothing short of marvelous!

So, we hope this list interests you for taking a world tour and beholding a few terrifying adventure activities including bungee jumping from the highest places! 

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