Who will be the President of India? Indian presidential election 2017

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Who may become the President of India in 2017 ? 

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L K Advani or Sushma Swaraj or Venkaiah Naidu  

A presidential election will be held in India before 25 July 2017, the day when the incumbent President's term expires. The incumbent is eligible for re-election, as no term limits exist in India.

The ruling part of India usually decides to raise their most loyal and reliable members. Since the President of India is a figurehead designation and does not require to live up to equal standards like other designations elected by the public in Indian politics. 

There have been 13 Presidents of India and 7 of them were active members of a political party already before becoming the President of India. If we look at the last few presidency we will notice that most presidents were loyal and staunch members of the party that was in power and when the retirement time came, the party was rewarded their service by nominating them to the post of President of India.

According to me, I feel Advani is the only real option whose possibility is more than others. And he is Modi's choice too.

The role President can play in our democracy is just beyond normal comprehension. So, Let's only wish a Man/Woman of high moral ground and exceptional ability to look at the bigger picture would get elected.

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