Will AAP win up to 35 seats in Goa Assembly polls 2017?

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Will AAP win up to 35 seats in Goa Assembly polls 2017?


In the upcoming 2017 Goa assembly elections, what are the chances of the Aam Aadmi Party replacing present politicians in the state with its own candidates. Most senior columnists who had spoken with Delhi’s supremo and the Aam Aadmi Party’s national convener, Arvind Kejriwal, are of the opinion AAP can't replicate its performance in Delhi in the upcoming Goa elections. The AAP which won 67 out of the total 70 seats in New Delhi’s legislative assembly has been bragging that it will garner 35 out of the total 40 seats in the imminent Goa elections.
This is not on account of AAP not having a charismatic leader to represent them in Goa nor in light of the fact that Goans are satisfied with the functioning of the Congress and the Bhartiya Janta Party. In fact, Goans voted against the corruption-ridden Congress and not necessarily for the Bhartiya Janta Party in the 2012 elections.
Senior columnists, essentially editors are of the opinion that the AAP would not win in the Goa polls since voters have been corrupted by politicians. In the state of Goa, politicians who are elected to power are relied upon to take care of voters around the clock for the 5 years they hold office unlike other states of India where cash, gifts and alcohol flow freely and people get swayed by political rhetoric during election campaigning.
Goa as a state is small in size with tiny constituencies. The most number of voters for the legislative assembly is close to 30,000 on an average for each constituency . Goa’s capital Panjim has under 20,000 voters and it is very much possible for an elected member of the legislative assembly to fulfill a voter’s demands.
Goan voters may protest about corruption, yet will in any case vote in favor of corrupt politicians. Babush can win from any electorate since he will spend any measure of cash to fix the voter. The fact that over 50% voters in many constituencies are immigrants makes it simpler for MLAs to win an election. This holds true for each MLA in Goa. MLAs who decline to take care of their voters don't get chosen for the second term. The residents of Margao united together to defeat the corrupt Babu Naik and choose honest author, Uday Bhembre. Nonetheless Bhembre clearly stated that he couldn't meet voters demands since he didn't have faith in accepting bribes. Needless to say, he didn't get chosen the second time.
The Aam Aadmi Party has stated firmly that if it is elected to power, Goans need not have to rely on MLAs. The party supremo briefed editors that a dominant part of Delhi gets free water and subsidized power tariff power after his government was elected to power. Education is provided free of cost. The administration has started small hospitals in every constituency with free of cost diagnostic tests like ultrasounds and blood testing. Kejriwal insists that the basic necessities of every citizen in the state will be met.
The Delhi supremo was questioned how he plans to handle corruption in Goa. He again cited Delhi as an example. He pointed out that extreme corruption is rampant at the lower levels of administration. The common man struggles to get a birth certificate, death certificate, residence certificate or perhaps even an income certificate without any hassle. In Delhi, the AAP has made the the end-to-end process online so one can get whatever they need without visiting the district office.

The critical question at this juncture is whether the AAP strategies will work out in Goa to win 35 seats out of the total 40 in the upcoming 2017 legislative assembly elections. The Aam Aadmi Party’s greatest disadvantage is that it presently does not have a charismatic leader in its ranks, someone who is highly regarded and respected by the people throughout the state of Goa. Most of the AAP’s current leaders are not known to most Goans and certain other prominent leaders in the party have made it clear that they will not contest the 2017 elections. Till the Aam Aadmi Party identifies the right leader for the state it won't have the capacity to unseat either the Congress party, the Bhartiya Janta Party or perhaps even prominent freelance politicians who are capable of winning elections on the ticket of any party. 

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No, AAP will not win the elections in 2017.

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