Pitter-Pattering in Goa!

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Pitter-Pattering in Goa!

Contradicting its tininess, the beautiful land of Goa never ceases to amuse its visitors. Although widely popular to be visited during warmer days, Goa is a delight in the monsoons equally. This land of beaches, picturesque sceneries and a superabundant list of activities is a wondrous treat during the rains! Here are few things to consider visiting Goa during the monsoons –

1. Pocket-Friendly Vacation

From flight tickets to plush accommodation, everything is cheap during the monsoon in Goa. As its less frequent during the rainy season, one can enjoy 5-star stay options at incredibly jaw-dropping prices. With travel and accommodation into place, your monsoon trip to Goa will hardly pinch your pocket. 

2. Private-Beach Experience

Be ready to expect less crowded beaches, no waiting-lines at restaurants, empty roads, less noise and lesser chaos. The otherwise buzzing state of Goa comes to a lazy halt during the monsoons. You can literally ‘dance like no one is watching’! Also experience the exquisiteness of strolling on a private beach as there are hardly any tourists wandering.

3. Visit the mighty Dudhsagar Waterfalls

This sight is a must-visit during the rains on your trip to Goa! A pride of the state, this mighty waterfall is in its full glory at this time of the year. Witness lush greenery, a misty evening and a breathtaking sight of the Dudhsagar Waterfalls. The adventurous in you can also enjoy thrills of white water rafting, popular in this season.

4. Wildlife at its Best

Why would one visit a wildlife sanctuary in Goa? The answer remains – to experience nature at its best! With the rains cleaning down the sanctuaries and spreading greener spaces, Goa offers an exotic treat to animal lovers. Tourists can explore the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary which is located in North Goa near Valpoi to be able to spot Bengal Tigers. Equally frequented are the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary and Mollem National Park along the Goa Karnatak border. Children can also marvel at the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary which hosts a park, a mini zoo and nature trails.

5. Spice Plantations

Exploring the flora of this region, one cannot miss the spice plantations spread extensively from kitchen gardens to professional farms. Some spice plantations like at Savoi-Verem are a popular attraction in the state. Highly recommended by locals, these plantations come alive beautifully during the rains. Take a guided tour to experience the aroma of cinnamon and cardamom uplift your senses.

So pack your bags, as the rain Gods are ready to pour over the hot state of Goa! Experience Goa in a totally different light to rejuvenate and have a splendid vacation! Bon Voyage!

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