Who do you think will win Punjab assembly polls 2017?

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Who do you think will win Punjab assembly polls 2017?

With the assembly polls due in the state of Punjab in 2017, the question that comes to mind especially for those who are interested in politics is if the ruling combine will be able to regain the state.

However, it seems to be a distinct possibility since the SAD-BJP combine is facing a severe anti-incumbency and the reputation of Badals have taken a nosedive in the state. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has been able to make some inroads into the state politics but has been suffering due to leadership crisis.

Navjot Singh Sidhu too tried up getting into AAP but the talks did not materialize since AAP was not keen to hand him over the post of Chief Minister in case they are able to win the state elections. Arvind Kejriwal has taken up the campaign in his hands now and is hopeful of making a significant presence in the state political scenario.

Congress on the other hand seems to be in a favorable position when it comes to elections in Punjab. The reigns of the party have been handed over to Captain Amarinder Singh and since he has been the Chief Minister of the state once, it is very likely that people of the state will accept him.

Though the chances of Arvind Kejriwal making significant gains in the state cannot be ruled out as he is viewed as an honest leader inspite of many of his fellow leaders coming under the scanner. It is hard to predict though which political party might win in the upcoming elections but the fight in the state is likely to get tougher with each party trying to woo the voters with tall promises.

In case BJP and Akali Dal decide to split the benefit will shift over to Congress and they might emerge winners. Any vote gain by AAP is likely to eat into the vote bank of Congress. BSP led by Mayawati is not a strong contendent in Punjab as they have been fairing badly in the recent past too. They however would like to test the political grounds too this time but AAP can make them bite the ground since Arvind Kejriwal is likely to take away the level playing field of Mayawati with a comfortable margin if contestants of both parties clash over.

It is however too early to predict the winner in Punjab since the elections are one year away and electoral dynamics change too fast in the political world.

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