Ideological difference between Democrats and Republicans

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Ideological difference between Democrats and Republicans

The political arena of the United States has been dominated by two parties the Democrats (1824) and the Republicans (1854)

There are some major ideological differences between the two parties based on very strong perceptions.

Foreign Policy is one of the major domains where the two sides differ a lot. While the Democrats are in favor of more target-oriented strikes and restricted usage of military power, the Republicans are in favor of utilizing the mighty US military power to triumph over and overthrow dictators and autocratic governments who are hostile and antagonistic towards the people and in particular the Americans.

Another key difference between the two parties is in the Tax Policy. While both sides endorse tax sops, there is a major difference on the application of tax cuts. The Democrats are in favor of offering tax concessions only to people from low and middle income and the Republicans are in favor of proving tax concessions to the affluent and the corporate sector as well.

Both sides hold diverge views on Social Issues too. The Democrats are more progressive and liberal on sensitive issues such as same sex marriage, abortion compared to their Republican peers.

The Democrats and Republicans are also poles apart on Labor and Free Trade Policy. While Democrats are strong advocates of enhancement in minimum wage and trade restrictions, the Republicans do not endorse rises in minimum wage and strongly support free trade.

Another key issue of difference between the two sides is Education. The Republicans are in favor of conventional changes such as focused educational programs and longer hours. The Democrats on the other hand are more pragmatic and progressive particularly regarding the execution of the Common Core System. Moreover, the Democrats are in favor of offering government grants and loans while the Republicans support loans from the private sector instead.

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