Obama pitches for preservation of democracy in farewell message

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Obama pitches for preservation of democracy in farewell message

Change only happens when ordinary people get involved, get engaged and come together to demand it.” - Barack Obama

If you’ve a record of all the past presidential speeches, you’ll realise they were all big-picture and futuristic in substance.

The 44th President of United States of America, also the first African American in the country’s 240-year-old democracy - Barack Obama - delivered an emotionally powerful message during his farewell speech. It was more than a pep talk, it was more than a piece of poetry, it was something that the country needed reassurance on - the power of democracy.

Looking back on the state of democracy in the country, he opened his speech on a very positive note to an audience size of more than 18,000 supporters. The ex-President highlighted four key areas for preservation of democracy

  • - Ensuring economic opportunity (quoting “the relentless pace of automation that will make many jobs obsolete”)
  • - Guarding against prejudices
  • - Keeping faith in reason and maintaining “some common baseline of facts” and
  • - Not taking democracy for granted

Below are some of his empowering quotes on the successful working of a democracy:

He concluded his inspirational speech with his presidential campaign slogan - Yes, we can.

If you haven’t yet watched his awe-inspiring and hair-raising speech yet, here’s your chance:

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