Is ISIS a Religion?

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Reports, faster then they can be read. are pouring in about Religion whose Religious Leaders teach youth, young men to kill Christians, Non-Cristians, and any Moslems who do not agree with killing innocent, unarmed Men, women, (single, married), children, infants.

Children tortured, raped in front of parents then killed--then the parents.

250 children under age 5 put in dought mixer and crushed to death.

Christians put into coffins, sealed then set on fire.

The killers being told, encouraged to keep it up by their religious leaders--to make their God Happy????

Do parent of the killer love their sons for doing this? Do brothers, sisters love their brothers for doing this? Do wives love husbands for doing this? Do children love their fathers for doing this?

I can't believe a God put Humans on Earth to be raped, tortured, killed!

Something is not Right!

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ISIS Expands to Islamic state of Iraq and Syria and is more or less based on a philosophy of Salafi jihadism which is difficult to define since jihad is a word which has many shades of meaning as some people associate it with breaking free from their evil inclination and doing all good deeds which according to them are the ones that serve their self-interest and what maybe good according to them may not be good according to others so we get back to square one and that is what is making them commit such actions and what is their philosophy? Do they want power and they cannot think of any other way to get power other thank killing the ones who are in power? The people who are a part of ISIS have weak minds as they do not question the ideology of the group and follow it blindly doing what others are doing. ISIS does say or affiliate with religion and it is Islam they associate themselves with as the beheadings along with other killings they do of civilians and army men are carried out with the motive of ethnic cleansing as they want a pure race or a country where only people from their race live. This kind of thinking is outdated in today’s world as the world is more connected today than it ever was so the government of Iraq and Syria should work closely either among themselves or with other countries to get rid of this terrorist group call ISIS who believe sentences which were written by people who did not think twice before validating killing with their words. Death by natural disasters or illness is the only death we deserve as death at the hand of our fellowmen is very wrong and tells us that we have failed to communicate.

No, ISIS is not a religion, it is a terrorist organization, a group of cowards who are hiding behind a veil of religion to justify their immoral acts of violence. Islam is a very peaceful religion and what these terrorists have done is that they have manipulated some of the things said in their religious texts called Quran and manipulated other people as well to believe that their religion tells them to use violence. And I think that by doing so, they are only insulting the very religion that they preach about.
This is also the road that every Muslim or Islamic terrorist group in the world has taken. Al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization that the infamous Osama bin Laden belonged to before his death also did something that was quite similar. They preached that their religion tells them to kill all who are atheists, or follow other religions as Islam is the only true religion in the world. And anyone who is not a follower of Islam is pretty much insulting their religion; the only punishment for which is death. They used this to turn innocent people against the US and sent them to spread violence. All this when they did not even understand what their religion actually told them to do. I believe that all the countries in the world should come together to take a severe action against ISIS and wipe them from the face of the earth so that they are never able to hurt even a single person ever again.

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