Why we think terrorism is scarier than it really is?

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Why we think terrorism is scarier than it really is?

The word terrorism itself creates a sense of fear within us.  

Frightening a person out of his wits is terrorising a person. The reaction of the ruling government and the armed forces after each terror attacks is what scares the common man. Take the example of the people of Jammu and Kashmir in India. The residents of that state are pleading for peace.

They feel insecure to come out on the streets. For them, each day is no less than a deluge. Walking through the streets they do not know who's going to turn their guns on them, the terrorist or the police force or the armed force. 

In the name of controlling terrorism, innocent people are getting killed in places like Kashmir, Manipur and Maoist-infected areas in eastern India. The aftermath of a terrorist attack is always scary. A curfew is declared and people are not allowed to venture out into the streets for days.

Families have to do without food and other essential commodities. Ailing elders sometimes have to meet their grave for lack of timely treatment. The few hours that are relaxed for people to go out and fetch their daily use articles aren't tension free. Armed forces vehicle keep moving around as vigilantes and at times are the cause of accidents. 

Street firing to disperse terrorist or mischief mongers is the scariest. The common man on the roads gets panicked, runs helter skelter and are gunned down. No doubt people fear to venture into the roads whenever there is a terror attack in their area. The actual essence of democracy is lost in places where terror attacks are paramount.

It's since years the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Manipur, Assam, Nagaland and some places Punjab and interiors of Jharkhand have led a normal life. Every minute of their lives is insecure. They aren't safe outside their houses, neither are they inside. 

It's this scary situation that is promoting violence. People these days are more violent than they were earlier. The sense of insecurity and brutality leads to violence and also scare.

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