What can governments do to eradicate world terrorism?

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What can governments do to eradicate world terrorism?

United Nations Strategy to End Terrorism

End of terrorism has been one of the major agendas of the United Nations System for decades. In spite of this, in every second or third day, a terror-related activity is reported in any part of the world.

In wake of September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the deadliest attack in the history of the United States the Security Council of the United Nations adopted resolution 1373, which for the first time formed the Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC).

After five years of the formation of the CTC, all Member States of the General Assembly for the first time came to an agreement over a common strategic framework - the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy- to counter terrorism.

The Strategy is an exclusive measure to reinforce the efforts of the global community to eradicate terrorism that includes

1. Addressing conditions contributing to spreading terrorism

2. Preventing and fighting terrorism

3. Building the capacity of Member States to stop and fight terrorism and to build up the role of the United Nations system in this context;

4. To make sure the respect for human rights for everyone and the rule of law as the basic for offsetting terrorism.

Since terrorism has penetrated its root very deeply into the society, it is not possible to eradicate it easily. Time-to-time new measures should be taken by all the nations collectively to rooting out the scourge.

In this regard, the General Assembly reviewed the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy for the fifth time and adopted a resolution to further intensify efforts to work speedily, collectively and effectively.

According to the General Assembly's latest resolution, title " The United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy Review",

Following measures should be taken to counter terrorism

1. All Member States, including the United Nations, should get united against violent extremism that promotes terrorism.

2. Member States should build up global, regional, sub-regional, and bilateral cooperation in offsetting the threat created by foreign terrorist fighters.

3. Member States should engage with local financial organizations and exchange information on terrorist financing possibilities.

4. Adoption of legal measures to ban incitement to cause terrorist activities.

Terrorism is not a concern of only Member States or the UN, rather it is a matter of concern for every small and big nations in the world. Therefore, government of every nation should cooperate each other to end terrorism in the following ways-

i ) Never support terrorist

ii) Never support the dictators who finance terrorists

iii) Discontinuation of drone assassinations of innocent civilians

vi) Bring torture to an end

v) Discontinuation of mass surveillance

vi) Never supply arms to terrorists

vii) Ending imperial conquests for Arab oil

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