Should Pakistani artists be banned?

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Should Pakistani artists be banned?

These days banning of Pakistani artists is a burning issue.

Many people are in favour of this statement that yes they should be banned and many are against it. As I am writing on this particular subject, I will give you my views on it, what do I think of this issue. Celebrities, political parties as well as the common man has their own views on banning of Pakistani artists. Everyone is right in their opinions but if we deeply think about it, is it fair banning the artists from Pakistan?

Well In my case, I personally think that there are no boundaries for an artist. An artist is known for his art, his work and nobody has the right to ban him. Artists are those people who are talented and god gifted and that’s why we call them the artist. Be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian no religion can bound them and if it's about Pakistan, then please they are just artists, not terrorists. I know the anger of people after URI attacks but if we think then what do Pakistani artists has to do with URI attacks? I simply don’t get it.

I agree that soldiers died, there are rage and anger among everyone but banning Pakistani artists, is that the solution to the end of terrorism?

Artists have nothing to do with army or terrorist then why should they be punished just because they are from Pakistan? I agree to this also that they have their country and should work there but here we are talking about URI attacks, terrorism so what does their working has to do with attacks? Those who bravely admit in front of everybody that they do this or that for their country, you all tell me do you really do that much for your country? Well, I don’t think so.

It’s a very serious issue and big enough to be discussed but artists, they are simply artists who are working hard day and night just to entertain you. Be it from Pakistan or India, talking about Pakistani artists they have their own families in Pakistan but why have they left them there and came to India to work in the industry? have you ever thought of this? Who does not want to live with a family, I guess no one but just to prove themselves, showcase their talents, entertain you and earn a good living for themselves just because this they are here in India leaving their families behind in Pakistan.

I am not saying that I am in favour of Pakistan or supporting them. No, not at all, I am an Indian and always proud to be an Indian. I love my nation very much but if we think liable then banning these Pakistani artists in India is not a good decision in my views. Terrorism is such a thing which will never end until there is peace between these two countries. But artists have nothing to do with it. Not all people in Pakistan are terrorists and we should not think so. Terrorism is a different think, attacks are different but artists and their work are not related to any of the two.

Well, this topic is a debate topic and have a lot much to say but I will end it here only. Not everybody is a terrorist and they must be too thinking why are they from Pakistan…think positive think logical.

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