In your opinion will terrorism spread or decline in the future?

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In your opinion will terrorism spread or decline in the future?

Everybody is talking about terrorism and various terrorist groups, but before talking about that, let us take a quick peek at what terrorism actually means?

Any violent act of an individual or a group of people that would result in the destroying of properties, killing of human beings, animals, etc which is done without any authorisation is actually terrorism. The people who are responsible for this kind of an act are referred to as terrorists.

Why is it that so many groups of such terrorists have propped up these days? Why would anybody turn into a terrorist and miss out on running a normal happy life with family and children?

What more would an individual want in life? Good education, well-paid job, marriage, adorable children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and this list of desire will be like never ending for a normal human adult.

A terrorist is also a person with a heart and feelings just like us. Why is this person thinking of killing oneself and harming others? It is as simple as this; they are fighting for something which can range from freedom, basic rights, etc, etc. When a person gets devoid of this, he/she takes up violence as a tool to highlight and express their demands.

No person is born a terrorist; it is the society and the people who have triggered them this way. Therefore, the society needs to think and retrospect about this and change accordingly so that another group does not emerge from us. Who are these people? Have they come from the sky? No, just like us they were born for a mother and father, as a little child they too, just like us, would have dreamt and had desires about their future. But now this child grows into a terrorist and kills another child’s dreams. He/she becomes heartless and loses humanity.

What can we, as a responsible citizen of the world, do so that another group does not prop up from us? There are certain basic golden rules that everybody needs to follow so that in the next generation the society will be free of any violence.

1. I am and will always be a good human being.

2. I will only go in the right path as guided by my parents.

3. I will always respect others, their thoughts and feelings.

4. I will not harm anybody physically or torture anyone mentally.

5. I will not grab other people’s land or property.

6. I will not destroy public properties and will not be responsible for any damage to the society or any other public transport system.

7. Either directly or indirectly, I will not force another person into a wrong path, so that, that person would end up becoming a terrorist in the future.

These seven golden rules must be followed by each and every one of us and must be taught to the next generation so that the society becomes free of terrorism and there will be no violent activities in the future.

Won’t we want such a society which is free of murderers, rapists, miscreants, etc? What more can a human being need in life than to be peaceful? I want my children to go out and come back safely.

After nearly close to seven decades of independence, is our society the way that the Father of our nation dreamt of? I quote what he said, “The day a woman can walk freely at midnight on the roads, that day we can say that India achieved Independence”. Irrespective of the gender, male or female are we safe in our society?

How many murders, rapes, thefts are happening and why have they increased three-fold these days? It is because of us and our attitude towards the others. If a girl rejects a love offer, immediately kill her, this is what is happening these days.

Why is this person thinking like this? The reason could be the brought up, the way of thinking, friends, movies, society and what more? Where are we going at this rate? Is this a healthy path?


Let us all take an oath against violence and terrorism and guide our children in the right path as a responsible citizen, so that the society becomes free of any illegal activities in the future and the next gen leads a healthy happy terrorism-free society.

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