Will surgical strikes in POK change the dynamics of Cross Border Terrorism?

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Will surgical strikes in POK change the dynamics of Cross Border Terrorism?

The night of 28th August 2016 was a watershed in the history of Indian politics. In a remarkable shift from its earlier strategy of defensive operations, Indian government came in an offensive mood and allowed Indian Army to conduct surgical strikes across the Line of Control in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

These surgical strikes were conducted by Special Forces of Indian Army and an estimated 40 terrorists were killed in these strikes. Pakistan, however, dismisses this as a false propaganda by India since it cannot openly acknowledge harboring terrorists in its controlled territory.

So, will these surgical strikes change the dynamics of Cross Border terrorism? It cannot be said with certainty as Pakistan backed militants attacked a Border Security Forces Camp in Baramulla in Kashmir few days after this surgical strike. The attack was however foiled by our brave soldiers though one of the soldiers got martyred in the process.

However, one thing is for sure that Pakistan is living in a make believe world and these surgical strikes have frightened it to the extent that it will never consider running the risk of a full fledged war with India since its existence will get diminished in such a scenario. The cross border terrorism will be affected to a small extent though as the terror camps have been shifted deep into Pakistan territory post the surgical strike.

Indian forces targeted seven terror launch pads which were located at a distance ranging from 500 meters to 3 Km within the Pakistan occupied territory. The attack was well coordinated and caught Pakistan forces off guard and their bases in Bhimber, Hotspring Kel and Lipa sector were razed to the ground.

The strong retaliation by Indian forces has established the supremacy of Indian Army and has once again exhibited that Indian Army is among the best fighting forces in the world. Credit should also go the Prime Minister of India for taking such a bold initiative to strike terror at its base.

The coming days are likely to see some escalation in the situation on the borders but Pakistan has got a firm message now that India cannot be taken for granted and will retaliate again in any such eventuality whenever it comes again.

Cross Border terrorism will surely reduce in coming days as Pakistan knows that India has crossed the thin line that separated Pakistan Occupied Kashmir with the Indian Side of Kashmir. It will not be difficult for India to do so again and Pakistan will have to bear the brunt severely if such nescience continues.

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