What do you think is the most serious problem for you in your move to the US?

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What do you think is the most serious problem for you in your move to the US?

The United States of America is counted as a diversified country with strong economic background and intellectuals. Along with that, it is a federal republic of at least 50 states, five major governing territories and a federal district. Taken into consideration, these facts say a lot about the U.S. Large number of people from different countries settle in the U.S every year. With equally huge number from India itself, U.S has been a place for ample of opportunities and finance power are taken into consideration. But there are various issues that are faced by the people who live in the U.S. Most migrants face a lot of problems because of the growing concern raised over these problems. The problems, mainly global in nature hold a strong potential causing the severe downfall of the country and spreading negative impacts across the globe.

While there are several problems faced by the people traveling to U.S, there are some that possess a major threat. Problems such as poverty, dissatisfaction with the government, unemployment are regularly faced by the city’s inhabitants. But the most serious issue one faces when migrating to the U.S is of Terrorism. Going by the studies, the people residing in America say Terrorism is the greatest problem faced by the country in the recent decade. Over the years there has been a constant growth of violence systematically throughout the nation. The government is intimidated by Terrorists over past years and therefore affecting greatly to the political, religious and ideological standards.

Terrorism has been a major concern for commuters, mainly from countries like India and China. Over the years terrorism has ruined civilization and has affected greatly to the country's economy. People still live in terror in some of the most populated states in the U.S. After the attacks of 9/11 on Twin Towers of The World Trade Centre, the government led by George W. Bush had to announce a global war on terrorism across the whole world. This related to open and secret military activities along with unique security stature law had been adopted to fight and ban terrorism. This made many governing bodies join up together and fight against Terrorism. 

The life of the common man was also significantly affected. People began to live in fear among themselves as the bomb scare was going on in public places. Muslims became a target by several people. They were discriminated because of their religion related to Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the attacks. Most of the Muslim people already residing in the country had to either change their religion or adopt a disguise as there were severe problems faced by them after the attacks.

U.S has witnessed attacks back in 1800. When a pro-military mob killed an abolitionist named Elijah P. Lovejoy. He was the editor of the newspaper, Alton Observer. Since then there are numerous terrorist and violent attacks happening in the U.S dating from 1900 to 2000. Recently U.S witnessed Austin Suicide Attack, where Andrew Joseph using his single jet plane killed himself and one IRS employee, injuring 13 others by flying his plane into the Austin Texas IRS building. There are even records of numerous failed attacks that U.S has witnessed in the recent years. Recently, two roommates namely Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi were killed when a security guard fired upon them in defense. They were firing at a building holding the Mohammad cartoon contest which was sponsored by the Stop Islamization of America organization. Along with them, a school security officer who was trying to help the guard was shot in his leg.

These incidents greatly portray the terror of inhabitants living in the U.S. Despite attempts made by the government in recent years to stop terrorism, it is till one of the growing problems face by U.S today. People still live in terror fearing the activities led by the Islamic countries and organizations. Commuters traveling from a different place also feel the heat and often get visa problems if they belong to the Islamic religion. Going by the recent studies if these terrorist activities go on for a long time, there won't be any place worth living among several nations of the world considering the fact that every country is trying to show its impact on other. 

Terrorism in America in its broadest sense is continuously rising with constant use and threatening of violent attacks only to achieve a political, religious or ideological aim. Until now around 13,288 people have been killed in terrorist activities last year. Among them, 17 people were private U.S citizens. This is an alarming figure and concerns most of the people who travel every year to the U.S. There is a constant feeling of fear among people because of these activities in past year.

Several of the immigrants to America in recent years have been killed or have been plotted to kill resulting in unsuccessful attempts. The real threat comes from successive generations of Muslim dominated people living across the world. Although every Islamic group is not a terrorist but they have been proven as more radical and dangerous in recent years. This eventually means more attacks on America will continue. Thus people who are constantly migrating have a serious threat because of the rising Terrorism issue of the U.S. Considering this, benefits of migrating are constantly being judged by people before taking a decision.

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