Will India play a key role in combating terror in coming time?

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Will India play a key role in combating terror in coming time?

India is a diverse country with people of different culture and religion living together. However, this ideological difference in people in India sometimes creates unforeseen circumstances as are being witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir these days.

This coupled with the insurgency problems in North-Eastern part of the country and also in Punjab in the past decades has made our internal security scenario powerful enough for the various security agencies to take up this challenge in a positive manner.

The question therefore which arises in the mind of common masses and world leads is if the time has come for India to be considered as a power which can play a key role in combating terror. This question assumes more significance owing to the fact that Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad has pointed that India has come to a stage where it can intervene in major terror challenges and can also solve these problems.

Assad made these observations after meeting MJ Akbar, MoS for External Affairs, Government of India. Assad also welcomed India’s position on the Syrian conflict and expressed the hope that India will emerge as a strong nation in the coming years.

The Transition Phase

The transition phase of India from a soft state to a noncompromising country which does not bow to terrorists has emerged strongly in the recent past. The harsh response on Baluchistan matter by Indian Prime Minister has conveyed it amply and clearly to the world that India is ready to be the pack leader when it comes to playing a role in combating terror. Way back in 1971 too; India had shown to the world that when territorial integrity of the country is under threat, the nation rises as a whole. This approach has now become more rigid and India as a nation is slowly showing to the world that it can play a bigger role in combating terror in the coming days.

The foreign policy of India has been undergoing transformation since the Modi Government took over and the positive outcomes of same are visible clearly now. The positive approach of United States of America towards India in the recent months is a live testimony of the same.

India has surely grown as a vibrant democracy in the past one decade and the hard work done by all visionary leaders is now bearing fruit. Thus it can be clearly established that India does have a detrimental role to play in the world politics when it comes to combating terror.

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