Flying High: Photos Of Private Jets Owned By Celebs Would Leave You Green With Jealousy

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Flying High: Photos Of Private Jets Owned By Celebs Would Leave You Green With Jealousy

Have you ever dreamed of living the life of your favorite celebrity? Have you ever wanted to live your life the way they have been living theirs luxuriously amidst all the fame and recognition? There might have been many instances where you probably tried to copy your favorite celebrities, by wearing what they wear or by trying to copy their hairstyles. 

However, they are celebrities for a reason, and you can not have everything that they do. For instance, an aircraft! Yes, there are a lot of celebrities who own a private jet; something that is bound to make you feel green in your stomach, just in case you were trying to copy any of them.

Here is a list of many famous celebrities and their air beasts: 

Tom Cruise

When Tom Cruise played a pilot in his successful movie, Top Gun, he won a million of hearts. However, playing the role of someone who can fly a plane seemed to catch on to him after the film as he purchased a private jet for himself after the movie. He owns one of the nicest private jets in the world, the Gulfstream IV.

(Image Courtesy:

Bill Gates

When you’re the richest man in the world, there is no luxury that you can’t afford. Even if it is about owning a private jet, the Chairman and Co-founder of Microsoft has one the best luxury private jets in the world, the Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. This plane also goes by the name of Global 5000 and is equipped with the best of aviation technology and opulent luxury.

(Image Courtesy: AP)

Celine Dion

The Canadian-born singer is among the richest musicians, and that makes for the simple reason of her owning a private jet. The pop star owns a Bombardier BD-700 Express.

(Image Courtesy: AviationCV)

Harrison Ford

More than being a reputed actor, Harrison Ford is also a respected pilot. Although he doesn’t own the most expensive jet in the world, his luxurious CJ3 makes for an ideal aircraft for a commercial pilot. In one his interviews, Ford said that he once had two pilots, but he fired them because he wanted to fly.

(Image Courtesy: OMGWhut)

Angelina Jolie

Apart from being a global icon and a true Hollywood superstar, Angelina Jolie also has a soft corner for aircraft. The successful actress owns a Cirrus SR22 and is currently working towards obtaining her pilot’s license.

(Image Courtesy: Celebuzz)

John Travolta

John Travolta has made his love for airplanes well known for many years now. In fact, he is so madly in love with the concept of flying, that he has built two customized runways for his jets on his Florida property. The Hollywood actor owns a whopping seven jets including Boeing 707, Bombardier Challenger 601 and a bunch of Gulfstream Jets. He has already flown 35,000 miles as a pilot and most recently donated his Boeing 707 to an Australian Museum.

(Image Courtesy: BornRich)

Jim Carrey

Hollywood’s funny man Carrey has the power to tickle your funny bones whenever he wants, but apart from that, he is an aviation enthusiast too. His love for planes is quite visible in his investment in the remarkable Gulfstream V. This particular jet is considered to be a beast among private jets and boasts of state of the art avionics and safety features.

(Image Courtesy: History Garage)

Oprah Winfrey

When you are one of the influential people in the United States of America, it would be no surprise if you own a private jet. Oprah has invested close to about $45 million in her Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. Despite not being the biggest of air carriers, this aircraft can carry more than a dozen people and fly to virtually anywhere in the world.

(Image Courtesy: History Garage)


Being one of the famous rappers of this generation, you’re bound to enjoy some perks. Jay-Z owns a Bombardier Challenger 850, which was gifted to him by wife Beyoncé as a father’s day present.

(Image Courtesy: Complex)

Donald Trump

Before Donald Trump created history by becoming the 45th POTUS, he headed a successful business and was a billionaire businessman. Apart from owning the Air Force One as part of his Presidential privilege, the 70-year-old owns a customized jet, with his name written on it and comes with a double bed, spacious lounge with sofas, gold accents, and even a marble bathroom.

(Image Courtesy: Luxatic)

Steven Spielberg

When you’re considered to be one of the greatest directors of all time and run on a schedule as tight as Spielberg, you’re bound to own a jet. This also reflects in the choice of his jet, the Global Express XRS that comes with twin Rolls-Royce engines and can travel up to 16 hours without requiring refueling.

(Image Courtesy: BornRich)

Roman Abramovich

Russian billionaire and owner of Chelsea football club, Abramovich owns a customized Boeing 767. His jet worth $83,600,000 can accommodate 350 people in complete high-spec VIP luxury interiors. The paint job alone for his jet costs around a stunning $74,000.

(Image Courtesy: Most Expensive)

Ralph Lauren

Fashion designer Ralph Lauren owns a Hawker and a Gulfstream G650.

(Image Courtesy: The Boston Globe)

Elvis Presley

He might not still be present between us but his legacy continues to exist. The pop star owned a Convair 880, which he named “The Lisa Marie”.

(Image Courtesy: International Business Times)

Morgan Freeman

The man with a golden voice, Morgan Freeman, is apart from being a highly successful actor is also a pilot. He owns a Cessna Citation 501, Cessna twin–engine prop and an Emivest SJ-30.

(Image Courtesy: The Voice Online)

Mukesh Ambani

The richest man in India and chairman of Reliance Industries is not only the owner of a world’s most expensive house, the $1 billion Antilla, but also owns of the most luxurious and expensive private jet, a Boeing Business Jet 2. Also referred to as the BBJ2, the magnificent aircraft carries a perfect mix of grandeur and 21st-century technology.

(Image Courtesy: GQ India)

Ratan Tata

Maintaining his stature as a leading billionaire, Ratan Tata acquired a luxurious Dassault Falcon 2000 luxury business jet. This extremely comfortable private jet is flown by Mr. Tata himself and the aircraft has been designed to provide a transcontinental range.

(Image Courtesy: Most Expensive)

Owning something like a private jet is not a luxury everyone can enjoy. Perhaps, this is what makes these celebrities so much more enviable. But, nonetheless, as they say, a thing of beauty is a joy forever, and these machines will always remain to be one.

(Featured Image Courtesy: Forbes)

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