What is Capcof?

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What is Capcof?

Breathing problems these days are excessively building up due to several individual or environmental factors. There are various medications that help in curing such problems, coughing is one such ailment that people usually go through. CapCof Syrup is, therefore, recommended for effectively treating cough and related problems. 

However, the CapCof cough medicine is quite popular yet there are (CapCof) side effects of the same.  

What Is CapCof Syrup?

CapCof oral is a drug prescribed for treating the symptoms of common cold, allergies, flu, hay fever, breathing illness including bronchitis and sinusitis along with excessive sneezing and other ENT issues. CapCof oral syrup or the CapCof cough medicine is used as a decongestant to basically suppress the symptoms of a cough. It constricts the blood vessels to reduce nasal passage swelling.

Dextromethorphan (high dosage) present in CapCof oral syrup is a recreational drug used in over the counter cough medicines. It restricts the signals that your brain sends to initiate coughing reflexes. However, the drug has severe dissociative effects. Certain lab studies suggest that such medications leave disrupting effects on the human brain if used in the longer run in high dosage or without any medical supervision.

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CapCof Uses

#1. CapCof syrup effectively treats the stuffiness of the nose.

#2. It eases the signs and symptoms of allergies.

#3. CapCof also helps in relieving cough.

#4. It also treats the symptoms of common cold along with flu and breathing illnesses.

#5. Suppresses the urge of coughing giving signals to the brain.

#6. Relieves watery and/ or itchy eyes.

#7. CapCof is also effective in preventing sneezing and running nose.

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CapCof Side Effects

Products that are used for treating cold and cough have shown a certain amount of side effects not only in children, but also in adults. The intensity and types of those effects vary from person to person. And these are the side effects of taking undetermined and/ or unsupervised doses of the CapCof syrup.

#1. Allergic reactions like rashes on the body, redness, swelling, fever, stiffness, troubled breathing and throat troubles may arise.

#2. In critical cases, the dangers of passing out also persist.

#3. Excessive sleepiness and the feelings of confusion remain.

#4. Heart beats at an abnormal rate

#5. Severe mood swings occur

#6. Upset stomach and headache is a problem

#7. Seizures may strike

#8. Eyesight gets poor

#9. Severe trouble in passing urine accompanied with constipation

#10. Excessive sweating and feeling tired all the time is another issue

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Precautions To Be Taken For CapCof Syrup

#1. Children below the age of 12 years along with breast feeding mothers are advised not to consume the CapCof syrup.

#2. Avoid the syrup if the person is already on some anti-depressant pills.

#3. If a cough is accompanied with a lot of mucus, then it’s better to avoid taking the medicine.

#4. If the coughing is due to alcohol consumption or smoking, consult your doctor. 

#5. In case you are an asthma patient or are going through problems like sleep apnea or hives, then it's better not to take this medicine.

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Immediately contact your physician in case of over dosage or any unbearable side effects. Liked what you just read? Want to read more such articles? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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