Should there be punishments for using drugs?

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Should there be punishments for using drugs?

Drugs silently enter the society through youth. Nowadays it has been discovered that even drugs are available to students in school through illegal means. They become an addict at a very young age. Education is one way but punishment is also necessary so that others should at least fear to get into the trap.

There are severe long term and short term effects of drug dependency like intense mood swings in which a person can harm himself and others, disturb sleep, no appetite and a high craving for more and more drugs. People become paranoid, angry and hostile. There mind become drug dependent and it only listens to drugs. Slowly and steadily as the tolerance increases a person required a higher dose for the same high. To get these higher quantities of drugs a person can do anything such as ‘murder’. The sole aim of life of that person is to get the required doses of drugs.

One part society might think that people who are already under drug addiction are victims and further punishment will be a torture to them. But if we let them go without any punishment then it might get reflect to the society as a right thing. It’s important to let people know that it is a punishable offence and people should be discouraged using drugs.

It better to punish the drug dependents at the initial stage rather than creating criminals for the society and punishing them later.

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Yes. I Agree. 

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