How Long does Weed Stay in your System?

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How Long does Weed Stay in your System?

Just landed your dream job but is the mandatory drug test giving you the chills? When was the last time you smoked a joint? A few days, or maybe a week ago? Will it still be in your system? Will you be able to pass the drug test?

If you are wondering about how long does weed stay in your system, explore to know the answer!

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How Long Cannabis Stays In Your System?

Generally speaking, the time taken by weed to leave your system depends on the amount you consume. While an occasional joint can flush out of your system pretty quickly, it takes chronic weed users a lot longer time to clear it out. It has been observed that it usually takes the herb around three days to leave the body, after which it does not show up in the drug test; however, if you are a heavy cannabis consumer, you might have a little more difficult time getting rid of it. The Drug Court research from 2005 found that while most cannabis users can clear a drug test after 10 days of consumption, chronic users may take up to 21 days.

But, there’s a catch. You can’t determine how long your system will take to clear cannabis depending on a study. Every individual’s body processes the herb differently based on their metabolism and lifestyle. Some moderate smokers have been found to test positive for the drug up to two weeks after the consumption.

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Types of Tests

You testing positive for the drug or not also depends on the test you are undergoing. Cannabis consumption leads to accumulation of tetrahydrocannabinol, also called THC, in the body and by measuring the amount of the chemical, doctors can conclude if you have consumed weed or not. The longest detection window is for hair test which can register the level of non-psychoactive THC metabolite, 11-nor-delta9-carboxy-THC, up to 90 days after consumption.

Fortunately for herb users, the most widely used drug test for cannabis is urine analysis, which has a significantly shorter than hair examination. If your employer only requires you to undergo a blood test, then you need not worry as this analysis does not show the past consumption of the drug. If you are an occasional user, you only need to wait one or two days, after which, the THC will not show up in your blood test; however, chronic users need to wait till up to a week before to pass it.

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Though the medical benefits of cannabis are widely known and proven, the herb is still illegal in many countries around the world. Do you think marijuana should be legalized in countries like the US and India, owing to its myriad benefits? Share your opinion on the topic with us through the dedicated comment section below.

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