Should marijuana be legalized in India?

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Should marijuana be legalized in India?

Marijuana is an illegal drug that is used most commonly across the globe with approximately 125 million being getting people addicted to it in some form annually. The use of marijuana in India is traditionally bound to spirituality and belief since centuries.

Monks, hermits, and priests have been consuming weed, hash or charas, pot and bhaang for ages in the course their journey to seek salvation. The execution of rigorous narcotic laws in 1986 has made the production, possession, transportation, sale, and consumption of marijuana illegal in our country.

However, after 30 years attempts are being made to legalize this drug in India by many. Those for lifting the ban on marijuana in India or are for legalizing it have stated the following reasons—

•  Legalization of marijuana will chuck out illegal business and criminal activities related to it.  

•  Marijuana addicts in our country are atypical or uncommon.

•  Imposition of hefty tax on the use of marijuana will augment central and state government revenues.

•  It might generate employment opportunities.

•  Use of marijuana has manifold medical benefits.

•  The drug has limited withdrawal symptoms and is not annihilating.

•  It has been proved to be less detrimental than alcohol.

•  It will enable customers and punters to procure good quality of marijuana.

•  Moreover, the ban has not been able to control domestic output, sale and consumption of marijuana, especially in Punjab, Goa, and Manipur. 

The drug was banned and its use was criminalized in 1986 alongside other hard drugs mostly due to pressure from the USA, where many states and provinces have legalized marijuana many years back. If the government wants to lift the thirty-year-old ban they should ensure that marijuana should be kept away from the young populace.

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