National Tequila Day: The Best Tequila Cocktails

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National Tequila Day: The Best Tequila Cocktails

We’ve all done that. Going to bars and having a shot of tequila with lemon and salt. However, do we ever think that there is more to the ecstatic drink than just shots?

On National Tequila Day, it would be the perfect occasion to spread the word about other uses of tequila too.

So, we bring to you the 10 best drinks that you can make from tequila and savor the earthy and sweet flavor of the beautiful drink. Take a look:


Talk of tequila and the first drink that comes to mind has to be a margarita. It is one of the most popular tequila cocktails. Not to forget that it is one of the tastiest versions of tequila. However, what makes it even better is its versatility. It can be made in different combinations to give out a different flavor each time.

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 #2. Tequila Sunrise

The added dimension of flavor is the real beauty of a tequila sunrise. Here, you not only have the tequila but you mix it up with orange juice that gives it a citric base. You top it up with some grenadine to get that extra sweet flavor out of it. These two ingredients give this cocktail the best of the worlds, and it remains to be one of the all-time favorites.

(Image Courtesy: Martha Stewart)


If you’re having a lazy afternoon affair, then the Paloma is an ideal drink for you. Tall and refreshing, it guarantees to give you the kick when you are too lazy. It is one of the easiest of the cocktails to prepare as it only requires grapefruit juice and lemon-lime soda; so you can make this cocktail whenever visitors come to your place without notice.

(Image Courtesy: Bon Appetit)

#4. Juan Collins

As good as it tastes, the Juan Collins is on this list for its beauty. It makes the drink dazzling. You can use reposado tequila and pair it with lemon, sugar and club soda to allow the spirit to shine through in all its glory.

(Image Courtesy: The Spruce)

#5. Tequini

Well, because we all love tequila so much, it is anything but obvious that we have made a martini-like-version of it in which the tequila replaces the gin. The use of Blanco tequila is recommended while preparing a tequini. Also, add vermouth so that the cocktail shines in broad daylight.

(Image Courtesy: The Spruce)

#6. Brave Bull

Well, this is not for everyone as it skips the typical fruity flavor of tequila cocktails. It has an unusual pairing with coffee, and that gives the brave bull its darker side. The cocktail is fairly easy to make. It is just a combination of tequila and Kahlua on the rocks.

(Image Courtesy: The Spruce)

#7. Envy Cocktail

Don’t we all love drinks that look blue? As magnificent as blue drinks look, they taste even better. Enter the Envy cocktail. It is a neat looking tequila which consists of tequila, blue curacao, and pineapple. This is a must have cocktail in any party.

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#8. Bloody Maria

You might think what an iconic vodka based cocktail is doing on this list. Well, have you ever tried substituting the vodka for tequila? For many people, they like the tequila version of a Bloody Maria better because of its spicy flavor.

(Image Courtesy: Chowhound)

#9. Toronha

We all know the wonderful affair that tequila and grapefruit share and the toronha is a fine example of their iconic romance. The love child of two of the most wonderful tasting ingredients, a toronha is preferred by more people than a martini. Yes! That’s true.

(Image Courtesy: The Spruce)

#10.Passion Cocktail

Another twisted cocktail, this spicy drink is based on the concept of a cosmopolitan. It is a delightful and tasty cocktail that is sure to take your taste buds on a wonderful ride.

(Image Courtesy: A Side of Sweet)

So, there you have it. Now you know that there is so much you can do using a simple bottle of tequila. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and bestow yourself with some of the finest drinks in the world and don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

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