Alcohol free states of India

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Alcohol free states of India

List of states where alcohol is completely prohibited

1. Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the Indian states where alcohol is completely prohibited. The Bombay Prohibition Act (1949) is effective in the state since 1960. In an attempt to discourage the production and selling of country liquor, the government has declared penalty on such activities.

The Gujarat Tourism Department, however, grants a 30-days permit to the tourists to buy alcohol up to certain quantity. The permit is given after checking the identity proof of the buyer.

2. Bihar

Bihar is the latest Indian state to impose a complete ban on all types of alcohol. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar officially announced the complete ban on April 5, 2016. Bihar Excise (Amendment) Bill 2016, Section 19 (4), is in force in the state which prohibits selling any kind of liquor in hotels, clubs, or any other place.

3. Manipur

Manipur was declared officially dry state in 1991. The Manipur Liquor Prohibition Act was enforced all over the state. But in 2002, the ban was lifted in the five hill districts of Manipur through the Manipur Liquor Prohibition (Amendment) Bill, 2002.

4. Nagaland

Nagaland is another dry state in the Northeast India. The Nagaland Liquor Prohibition Act was enforced in 1989 to put a restriction on selling and consumption of alcohol. Though the state is officially a dry state, Indian-made foreign liquor, and local liquor Zutho are illegally sold across the state.

5. Lakshadweep

Sale and consumption of alcohol are completely prohibited in union territory Lakshadweep. However, the island of Bangaram is exempted from this ban.

6. Kerala

The Kerala government has also taken the initiative to turn the state into a dry state. Alcohol is an important revenue source in the state and if sale and consumption of alcohol are prohibited from the state then it would be a major setback for both the administration and tourism industry.

A liquor policy was introduced in August 2014 to impose a complete ban on alcohol but it was strongly opposed by the powerful bar owners. Again in December 2015, the top court supported the state's liquor policy permitting the sale of liquor to only five-star hotels and major establishments. 

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It must be prohibited all over India, Then our India will more grow, due to this liquor total families are disturbed and for this whole family are sufferring even they also who dont take this liquor. 

So, It heartly request to our Government completely prohibits this liquor in all over India, I am from Chhattisgarh and it should be implement in this state also.  


Alcohol liqour has also health benefits. In india somehow uncivilized barbarians have got into politics and they banned liqour. It is well known that men or women of high social status drink wine, liqour. In india whatever liqour is made is cheap quality mostly and it is ironically owned by the same leaders who want to ban liqour.

Gandhi ji is a big fraud.  a bisexal. he should be removed from indian history books. a disgrace.

This liquor is not good for health is a misconception.  in cold temperature and extreme weather a little alcohol is required to maintai body temperature, blood circulation.

prohibition and liqour restrictions is also benefiting counterfeit traders and traitors. These counterfiet trader are rogue police, rogue forest service, customs officials. 


The fight against liquor consumption in India has multiple aspects. One of the most faithful enemies of alcohol was Mahatma Gandhi, who abortively tried to bring about an all-India prohibition law in the early days of the Republic. Just like many other social reformers, Gandhi too believed that it was a necessary measure to mend the ills of the society. Even now the district of Wardha (where one of the Gandhian ashrams was located) is one of the alcohol Free states in India, where even the possession of alcohol is an offence.
Politicians and social reformers are often supported by various religious traditions when it comes to completely banning alcohol in the states of India. Many Hindu, Islamic, Christian and Sikh organizations and religious people support the making India an alcohol free nation. Hindu traditions are very complex and diverse, and there are also instances of certain temples where alcohol serves as an offering to the deity. These, however, are exceptions and Hinduism is often used in the fight against liquor.
Few of the most popular alcohol Free states in India are:
#. Gujarat
#. Lakshadweep
# . Nagaland
#. Bihar
Alcohol consumption is completely banned in these alcohol free states of. The sale of liquor in the Hindu holy city of Pushkar in Rajasthan is banned because it is believed that alcohol consumption disturbs the purity of the place.
Prohibition of alcohol is both a sign of religious and political correctness. Enjoying a drink in public is forbidden across the country specifically on national holidays: January 26 (Republic Day), August 15 (Independence Day) and October 2 (Gandhi’s birthday).
We are not sure if India will be able to convert each of its state into an alcohol-free state, but all we can do is to hope for the same.

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