Harmful effects of alcohol consumption

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Harmful effects of alcohol consumption

Alcohol addiction has become one of the biggest issues of modern society. Alcoholism has affected the young generation, and they are greatly attracted towards various drinks. Consumption of alcohol has become a daily activity, and people are not aware of the negative effects of these harmful alcohols. Though, small consumption of alcohol on an occasional day may not cause huge harm to the body.

But if a person gets highly addicted and starts drinking those alcohols on a regular basis, it will have negative impacts on his/her body. 

Alcoholism is a terrible habit; that may change the complete life of a person, and he may suffer huge problems in his life. An alcoholic beverage contains a high percentage of ethanol, which is extremely harmful to the body. 

Most of the European and American countries consume alcohol every day. It degrades their quality of living, and the alcoholic person may suffer from complex health issues. According to various medical researchers, alcohol is considered to be a psychoactive drug with a depressant effect. A high amount of alcohol in the bloodstream reduces the immunity function, and the body becomes slow in all essential processes. Alcohol consumption has many effects, both short and long-term.

Here is the complete list of all negative effects caused due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Short-term effects

•  Dehydration- Excessive alcohol can dehydrate the blood cells, and the body may suffer from dehydration.

•  Intoxication- The effect of intoxication is observed immediately in person. If the person consumes a high amount of alcohol his vision become blurred, speech is slurred and suffer from delayed refluxes. The body gets intoxicated very fast and suffers from all these negative effects.

•  Insulin production- Alcoholism can raise the percentage of insulin level in the body. The blood sugar may fall rapidly and can cause terrible health issues. For this reason, alcohol is strictly restricted to diabetic patients.

•  Anterograde amnesia- The person feels complete blackout, due to the virtue of alcoholism.

•  Ataxia

Long-term effects

•  Heart diseases- Alcohol consumption raises the risk of coronary heart diseases or heart attacks. Ethanol present in alcohol affects the process of normal blood flow in/out the heart. These effects the normal pumping system and the person may suffer from acute heart diseases.

•  Cancer- There are several types of cancer, which can be caused due to excessive alcohol consumption. Some of such types include mouth cancer, pharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer and liver cancer.

•  Stroke- According to numerous researchers, alcoholic people are more prone to suffer from heart blockages or stroke. 

•  Death- Many unnatural death cases have been traced to high consumption of alcohol. Some of such situations include suicide, falling from a height, traffic injuries, asphyxia, intoxication and murder.

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