What is the Best Pick Up Line in "The Big Bang Theory" Show?

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What is the Best Pick Up Line in "The Big Bang Theory" Show?

The Big Bang Theory is the best American Sitcom series which has got so many wow moments in the show. I thoroughly love this show. It is not only the best show but is filled with pickup lines in every take. I think it is no less than any other American TV Show. What do you think about the show?

Do you like any pickup line which might have been said by Sheldon or his roommate Leonard? This is the essence of comedy with the ravaging truth that no other show can beat.

It is going to be the best way to extract your old videos and see through as which is the best pickup lines out of all episodes.

Please comment on the dialog section below with the best pickup line. 

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Answers (5)

Makes me want to watch it again soon. Want to recreate the old moments. 

Fel my cardigan. Know what's it made of? Girlfriend Material.

Sheldon's pickup line, if he ever used any :p 

" You must be square root of two because I feel irrational around" - Howard

On a scale of one to America, how free are you tonight?

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