7 Super-Smart & Super-Hilarious Nerds On TV

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7 Super-Smart & Super-Hilarious Nerds On TV

A genius that can make you laugh, it just couldn’t get better than that. TV nerds are a growing tribe that has added to the TRP of the sitcom they are part of, as well as accumulating a huge fan following of their own. 

There was a time when the geeky business of being a nerd never appealed to anyone, but all that changed when these characters graced the TV screens. These funny nerds add a charm to the show in their own goofy, awkward and hilarious way. Here is a look at some of the most comic geeks on TV.

#1. Sheldon Copper

Sheldon Copper beyond doubt takes the top most position in our list. The Big Bang Theory is a show about a bunch of overachievers and their daily struggles of being part of the regular crowd.

(Image Courtesy: The Big Bang Theory)
On the one hand, when his friends want to get hot dates and keep a lid on their nerdy side Sheldon has no qualms professing about his high I.Q and being better among the dimwitted crowd. His aversion to people and normal conversation only adds to his humor. Despite being a bit obnoxious, Sheldon is incredibly charming.

#2. Steve Urkel

He embodies the quintessential nerd with his overlarge glasses, high-water pants and suspenders, his high pitched voice only makes me all the goofier. He added humor to the show by his clumsiness and his socially inept behavior.

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(Image Courtesy: Huffington Post)

He was seen as an oddball and was often the victim of many humorous accidents. The Urk-Man, as he was often referred to, added a huge dose of humor to ABC’s Family Matters.

#3. Lisa Simpson

She is the most intelligent member of the Simpson family and a great over-achiever. Her intellect is often ridiculed by her father who is the opposite of her. She is always snubbed by her brother who is unable to relate to her liberal political stance or her overall intelligence.

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(Image Courtesy: Giant Bomb)

Born in a family of people who lack basic common sense, Lisa is always the voice of reason that is often smothered. She is also very compassionate and kind.

#4. Liz Lemon

Liz is the main character of hit T.V series 30 Rock, and Tina Fey has made this character the soul of the series. Her character has a huge fandom of its own, and most of her lines are told and re-told.

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(Image Courtesy: Huffington Post)

Her character is smart, funny and nerdy. She is a writer on the show and is a trailblazer when it comes to the portrayal of women on TV.

#5. Milhouse Van Houten

Giving competition to Lisa as the funniest nerd on The Simpson is  Milhouse Van Houten.  Milkhouse is Bart’s best friend who is the complete opposite of his sister Lisa. He also has a huge crush on Lisa and always daydreams of being with her.

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This bespectacled bumbling nerd is not at all smooth with the ladies and often the target of many bullies. He does provide a lot of comic relief in the show.

#6. Chandler Bing

No list of comic and loved TV nerds is complete without Chandler Bing, the man who added a truckload of humor in the famous FRIENDS series. Chandler was the awkward friend who didn’t have much luck with the ladies but could add fun to anything he said without trying.

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(Image Courtesy: The Odyesse Online)

He and his roommate Joey who was blessed in the looks department but not the brains made a dream team that remains everyone’s favorite.

#7. Spock

This nerd from Star Trek has become a cultural figure and not only is he our favorite but the favorite of geeks all over the world. Portrayed By Leonard Nimoy, Spock was bullied for his human ancestry. He is unintentionally funny for his lack of understanding of figurative speech which often results in hilarious confusion. 

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(Image Courtesy: BBC.com)

Which is your favorite funny nerd TV? Do let us know using the comment box given below. We look forward to your opinions and views.

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Sheldon Copper
Sheldon Cooper, without a doubt!!
Chandler Bing

The obvious choice is Chandler Bing! But, I wished to see Steve Carell for 'The Office' on the list too!

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