What is the Big bang theory?

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What is the Big bang theory?

One of the most common question that has intrigued the mankind for quite some time is – “How did the Universe come into existence?”

To understand the same, we have left no stone unturned and devised all sorts of sundry theories. The Big Bang Theory is the one among the many theories, which has stuck around for a while now and is indeed an interesting one.

The Big Bang Theory hypothesis proposes that the present state of our universe is a resultant of an enormous explosion of a single entity, which led to the expansion of matter it contained. The hypothesis when elaborated, suggests that over thirteen billion years ago, our universe was compacted into one single entity which possessed an immense amount of heat as well as infinite density which stands for immeasurable amount of mass in measurable volume of matter. This single entity was called Singularity. This intense heat in limited volume made the Singularity unstable, thereby making it undergo a massive explosion or “The Big Bang”, further leading to the expansion of the matter contained within. This expansion of matter helped in optimal cooling of the Singularity and formed giant clouds of matter that followed the principles of gravity. These clouds further condensed to for the stars, planets and asteroids, leading to the formation of extant universe, in which we live.  

The postulates that the theory puts forward are:

• Universe was hot and dense, which justifies the heat and density of stars present in the universe. 

• Universe is ever expanding, which justifies the distance between the celestial bodies. 

• Universe has a definitive age which can be traced back to its origin, which is the Big Bang. 

 The Big Bang Theory is a widely accepted theory because, its postulates can be related to whereas for other theories, it was quite difficult.

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