How do Adult Film Stars Look without Makeup?

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How do Adult Film Stars Look without Makeup?

Since adult film industry is as glamorous as the mainstream one, it is no wonder that even the adult film stars go heavy on the makeup. In fact, the way they look with makeup and sans makeup looks have a striking difference.

Well, the highly paid adult film stars have now unapologetically started to come out of their veil of makeup, and reveal their real self. Here is how the popular adult film stars look before and after they put on makeup.

#1. Dani Daniels

When it comes to the popular adult film star Dani Daniels, makeup does wonders for her. Not only does it brighten up her face, it kind of works on altering her facial features too. Her nose, for instance, looks slightly slimmer when she has her makeup on.

adult film stars with no makeup

(Image Courtesy: Complex)

#2. Audrey Allen

Makeup is a great addition to Audrey Allen’s skin tone. The adult film star who got herself on the cover of Playboy turns from average to a head turner with her makeup on. Well, kudos to the makeup artist of the popular adult star.

audrey allen

(Image Courtesy: Pophitz)

#3. Penny Pax

Penny Pax sure does know how to hide those weirdly visible bags under her eyes with makeup. Layers of makeup even go on to change the skin tone of The Submission of Emma Marx star.

penny pax

(Image Courtesy: Ebaumsworld)

#4. Riley Reid

Riley Reid is certainly not the natural beauty that she seems to be on-screen. Her look with makeup is entirely different from what she looks without it. Well, it is quite evident that makeup has helped the XBIZ award winner to a great extent.

riley reid

(Image Courtesy: Pophitz)

#5. Proxy Paige

Paige has quite a bold on-screen appearance with her teal and purple hair and attractive piercings. However, the popular adult film star looks quite fatigued and worn out without makeup. It is safe to say that makeup does wonders for the adult star.

proxie paige

(Image Courtesy: Complex)

#6. Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee has appeared in more than 300 films and has also been featured in a few mainstream movies and television series. Well, the attractive adult film star looks like she goes through a magical transformation and an entirely different skin tone when she gets her makeup done.

sophie dee

(Image Courtesy: Pophitz)

#7. Bree Olson

The adult star who started her career at the age of nineteen has been one of the most popular faces of adult film industry. However, it is nearly impossible to put together Bree Olson’s with and without makeup look. That’s how big a difference make up makes to her.


(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

#8. Chanel Preston

Starting her career in the adult film industry in the year 2010, Chanel Preston has appeared in over 300 adult films. Well, when it comes to her sultry looks, the adult film star certainly owes it to the makeup.


(Image Courtesy: Ebaumsworld)

#9. Tori Black

AVN Female Performer of the Year, Tori Black looks nothing close to the glamorous woman that she is on-screen. Ranked as the most facially attractive female performer in the adult film industry, Tori Black manages to pull off that charming face with loads of makeup.

tori black

(Image Courtesy: Complex)

#10. Bonnie Rotten

Tiredness and dark circles are quite visible around Bonnie Rotten’s face when she does not have her makeup on. Well, makeup does fix it all for this famous adult film star.

(Image Courtesy: Lolwot)

#11. Rilee Marks

Rilee Marks appears to be just another geeky girl around the corner when she does not have her makeup and hair done. Well, makeup magically transforms the popular adult star into a diva.

rilee marks

(Image Courtesy: Ebaumsworld)

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to share your opinion on with and without makeup look of your favorite adult stars. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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