Who are the Highest Paid Adult Film Stars?

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Who are the Highest Paid Adult Film Stars?

Most of the adult film stars enter the industry not because they find it lucrative, but generally because they’re facing a cash crunch. However, all of us know that the adult film industry pays well if you make it big time.

There have been several adult film stars through the years who entered the industry as anonymous beings and left a legacy behind them when they called it a day. As goes the notion: if you make it big time in the adult industry, you get paid big time. The adult industry also functions as a platform for these famous adult film stars to start their own brand of intimate toys, books or other businesses.

Look at the richest stars of the adult film industry.

#1. Jenna Jameson

Net Worth: $30 million

She is a real adult film legend and is one the most popular stars of her industry. She has a huge fan base, and that has helped her accumulate a massive net worth. The insane money that she has, is partly because of the money she made as an adult film star and partly because of her business that is associated with books, memorabilia, and other such products. Along with all that, she made huge bucks by selling her website to Playboy.

(Image Courtesy: Washington Times)

#2. Tera Patrick

Net Worth: $15 million

She began her career in 1999 and was a breakout star in the adult film industry. Following her retirement in 2008 from the industry, she even went on featuring several mainstream TV shows. Apart from being one of the hottest adult film stars, she is also one of the wealthiest. Her total net worth of $15 million is because of her own production company, website, and other businesses.

(Image Courtesy: Wallpaper Abyss)

#3. Peter North

Net Worth: $11 million

Joining the list is another legend of the adult industry. North boasts of a career in which he has appeared in over 2000 adult films and directed more than 70. Besides that, he runs his own production company, Northstar Associates and that is where the significant chunk of his estate comes from.

(Image Courtesy: AskMen)

#4. Traci Lords

Net Worth: $10 million

Lords career in the industry was not a long one, but her stint there did open up doors to mainstream cinema. She has been a part of movies like Zack And Miri Make A Porno and Blade.

(Image Courtesy: CNN)

#5. Jesse Jane

Net Worth: $9 million

One of the hottest adult film stars, Jane is a celebrated Penthouse model along with winning major accolades as an adult star. She is one of the biggest names in the industry, and her bank balance is largely due to her entrepreneurial ventures wherein she has her own brand of intimate toys and tequila.

(Image Courtesy: NBC Chicago)

#6. Maria Takagi

Net Worth: $8 million

The only feature on this list that doesn’t belong to America’s adult industry is Maria Takagi. She is a Japanese actress who began her career as a model in several adult TV shows. Apart from that, she has also featured in several mainstream movies, and that is the reason of her massive bank balance.

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#7. Ron Jeremy

Net Worth: $7.5 million

Ron Jeremy continues to be a legend of the adult film industry and his famous for his trademark mustache. He has acted in more than 2000 adult films and had directed over 300 of them. He claims that during his illustrious career, he has been with more than 5000 women. Well, looks don’t matter indeed.

(Image Courtesy: CBS )

So, there you have it. These were the biggest and the richest stars of the adult film industry. If you have more to add to this list, kindly make full use of the comments’ section below. We would love to hear from you!

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