What is Herpes Disease?

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What is Herpes Disease?

What is herpes disease - It's essentially a long-term skin condition which occurs without any visible (herpes disease) symptoms. 

There aren't any (herpes disease) treatments available which make the problem even more challenging.

What is Herpes Disease?

Herpes skin disease is an infection that results from herpes simplex virus (HSV). Being a viral ailment, it affects people with some really distinctive problems. Commonly it's a sexually transmitted skin disease that spreads through an infected partner. It's not deadly but certainly chronic. However, with a stronger immune system, it cannot affect you physically or emotionally.

Herpes Disease Symptoms 

Most people do not encounter any symptoms for months together. However, when they do, signs last for at least 2 - 12 days. Once you are infected with the herpes skin disease, recurrence rate tends to increase.

Primary (genital) Herpes Disease Symptoms:

  1. Pain and itching
  2. Vaginal discharge
  3. Fever
  4. Cold sores around mouth
  5. Red blisters on skin
  6. Tender lymph nodes
  7. Ulceration on the external genitals

what is herpes disease?

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Recurrent Herpes Disease Symptoms:

  1. Burning sensation around genitals before the appearance of blisters
  2. Ulceration of cervix
  3. Cold sores and red blisters

Herpes Disease Causes

Humans aren't susceptible to the virus just by coming in touch with objects or through infected persons. It spreads on to people through the following ways:
  1. Unprotected intercourse (or at a younger age)
  2. Genital contact with a person who's infected
  3. Multiple intimacy partners
  4. Weak immune system
  5. General interactions like sharing the same lipstick, kissing or eating from same utensils

Recurrent Herpes Disease Symptoms:

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Herpes Disease Treatments 

Herpes skin disease can be diagnosed through physical examinations or blood tests. If positive, there's no drug to eliminate the disease from the root. But medicines definitely get rid of the sore formation. And the risk of multiplicity reduces.

Herpes disease treatments include the following:

  1. Bath in mildly salted water
  2. Soak in warm shallow bath to reduce itching and pain
  3. Apply lotion to the urethra if urination if painful
  4. Utilize petroleum jelly for the affected areas
  5. Don't wear tighter clothes
  6. Don't often touch the affected areas
  7. Wash your hands thoroughly in case you touch the infected areas
  8. Refrain from sexual activities until the symptoms linger
  9. Use ice pack not ice cubes
  10. Consume painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen
  11. An antiviral like acyclovir prevents the virus from augmenting

Herpes Disease Treatments

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Prevention of the recurring triggers is also important. Stay away from anything that might initiate another such phase. Share with us your experiences or opinions through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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