How to style Brown hair with Blonde Highlights?

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How to style Brown hair with Blonde Highlights?

Are you looking for some hair style inspirations? Are you someone who has brown hair and is looking at giving it a new and unique look? Do you wish to do some unique styling to your hair and get away from the usual boredom?

One awesome solution for all your wishes can be using highlights for creating some fun and awesome styles to keep looking unique and stylish every single day.

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Here Are A Few Ways Of Using Extensions To Create Everyday Looks

#1. The easiest way of styling using extensions is by using a maximum of four to five extensions and placing them loosely on the surface of the head. This gives a very natural look. You leave the hair open very casually, and the extensions add that extra volume and depth to the otherwise boring hair. For brown hair, the best color of the extension will be blonde. The nutty brown looks more alive with the boost of the blond highlights.

#2. You can also use highlights to increase volume in the hair. It is the best way to make the hair look a combination of two different colors and very thick at the same time. What you need to do in this case is use a large number of extensions. At least 10 will be a good idea, the more, the better. The clash of brown and blond will make the whole thing stand out and look unique.

#3. Another trick you can create by using extensions is making the hair look longer than what it usually is. You can use blond extensions on your brown hair and at the same time create length. Just use blond extensions that are longer than the usual size of your hair, and there you have a new look, and your hair now looks long and gorgeous. All without having actually to grow it, care for it and color it.

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#4. Another style trick you can do is to create a braid using the blond highlight on your dark brown hair. This will be a good idea to achieve a simple look at the same time break the monotony of just brown hair every day. Braids are easy to achieve, there is nothing too fancy about them. The use of extensions in the braid will make it look different from the ordinary. You can choose to integrate the extensions as a part of one big braid made using up all the hair. Or you can choose to create a thin braid using extension just to embellish the crown of the head and leave the rest of the hair down.

#5. You can change the color of the hair completely if you wish by using extensions. In case you wish to change the color for a day or just temporarily, you don’t want to use color on the hair to avoid damage. You can use extensions of a different color and change the color of the hair for the day. Just make sure you use a bunch of extensions, in a large quantity, it will tone down the actual color of the hair and the color of the extensions will be more prominent.

#6. What you can also do is add the extensions to your hair and go ahead and create any hair style with the two toned hair. This is an easy any to infuse more twist to any hairstyle.

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While Styling With Hair Extensions Keep The Following In Mind

#1. Make sure the color of the extension is suitable for the natural color of your hair.

#2. Attach the extensions tightly at all times.

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