How fast does hair regrow after shaving it off?

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How fast does hair regrow after shaving it off?

Most of the women use the shaving procedure to get rid of unwanted hairs from underarms, legs, hands and bikini areas. But after shaving the hair, the regrowth occurs at a faster pace. It is a mere observation that after shaving the hair grows at a rate of 2-3 cm per month. Even if you shave your head and become bald, this is the actual rate at which your hair regrowth would occur and you may need to do the shaving again.

Moreover, there are certain myths related to shaving that it makes your hair thicker and denser. But this is actually not true. Scientific study reveals the fact that shaving never affects the thickness of your hair or hair regrowth. Shaving actually removes the dead portion of hair and not the skin section lying beneath your hair roots. So it is quite unlikely to affect the rate of type of hair regrowth.

Girls opting for hot, painful wax in the name of fashion often experience that after waxing the hair regrowth occurs at a slower rate, but the hair grows back sparser and thinner. Plucking and waxing incorporates removal of the hair from the follicle at the base, and for such reason the hair regrowth occurs slowly.

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No shaving is not a healthy option for hair removal. Shaving removes hair at the skin’s surface by cutting it off with a razor. By shaving regrowth happens quickly and since the hair is cut off the surface and not from the roots - regrown hair is blunt and not tapered so the hairs can appear to be thicker. 

Razor burn and cuts are also few of the cons of shaving, and those who shave regularly can also become prone to ingrown hairs.  

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