How common are gay marriages?

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How common are gay marriages?

In the world of heterosexuals, being a homosexual will certainly place you at odds’ end. You are looked down upon by society with smirk on their lips. To accept that one is a homosexual is a big step. And proclaiming it in front of the society is another challenge. But to get married to a homosexual partner in front of the society is a herculean task, as law, religion, custom and tradition all stand against such union.
Yet, the world has changed and has begun accepting homosexual marriages. Instead of living together, couples have got freedom in getting married in certain countries like Poland. But still, human society has not changed radically to make gay marriages or lesbian marriages a common custom or tradition.
Take the case of India. Our law strongly objects homosexuality. Even religions support it. But what is the logic behind such laws especially Sc 377 of Indian Penal Code formulated way back in the 1860? A visit to Khajuraho temples in Madhya Pradesh is enough to question the logic of such laws.
In this temple, constructed way back in 12th century A.D., there exists figurines which depict homosexuality. So this is a phenomenon that came and evolved along with human beings. If people at that era can accept homosexuality, then why are we denying  presence of homosexuality in this modern civilized society? Because of such strong taboos and stigmas associated with homosexuality, gay or lesbian marriages do not take place in Indian society.
Homosexuals are just like everyone. Just because they choose differently, they are not from different planets. Gone are the days of hiding behind the doors, or shunning themselves to a corner for being a homosexual. They also have the right to choose partner of their choice, get married and live happily ever after (or not!).
It is high time for the world to grant them the simple freedom to live and let live.

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