Most tolerant country for LGBT community

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Most tolerant country for LGBT community

A large section of the global society, particularly from the developed nations has changed their perception towards the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.

They are no long considered as outcasts or criminals. However, the appalling demeanor of the underdeveloped, third-world and in particular the conservative Islamic nations towards the LGBT community has not witnessed radical changes even in the hi-tech age of Internet, Whats app, Facebook and Twitter.

According to a Gallup Poll carried out in 2015, the Netherlands and Spain are considered as the most tolerant nations for the LGBT community.

Around 87% LGBT populace in both the nations have responded in positive regarding the queries on whether their city or locality is an ideal place for them to dwell. European nations have bagged eight spots among the top 10, with Canada and Uruguay being the two American nations considered as tolerant towards the gay and transgender community.  

Approximately 780 million people reside in nations that have legally recognized civil union or marriage between people from the same gender.

But lot more has to be done in the countries with a population of 2.8 billion where the LGBT community is still considered as outcast.

Currently 17 nations legally recognize same sex marriage with the recent inclusion of England, Wales, France and Brazil.

The USA, considered as the epitome of liberalism and modernization have a mixed outlook towards same sex marriage with 18 states allowing same sex marriage.

Sadly majority of Indians still consider homosexuality as a social taboo and some self-proclaimed "God-Men" even term it as a mental ailment. Although transgenders have been finally recognized as "Third Gender."


Our Government should seriously contemplate on repealing the controversial Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which was enforced during the British-Raj.

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