How to Date a Bisexual?

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How to Date a Bisexual?

Dating a bisexual is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, it is very intimidating at times. There are several questions that come in our mind the moment you get to know that you are dating a bisexual; are they checking someone else out? Are they seriously in love or just experimenting? Will they eventually leave you for the opposite sex? Well, these endless questions are there in every normal relationship. Dating a bisexual has been always a taboo, but it actually should not be. Dating a bisexual is as normal as dating a brunette or dating a Catholic. It does not really matter what their sexuality is in order to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship. However, there are always concerns in a person’s mind when he or she is getting in a relationship with a bisexual.  

Bisexuals are the people who have interest in both the sexes. They are just not attracted towards the opposite sex, they are attracted to their own sex too. In short, they are interested in both men and women. The phenomena of them being different have made it so difficult for them to love or to be loved properly. Despite all these illusions, people fall in love and have an amazing relationship. However, you need to be conscious in order to sustain that kind of a relationship. There are some things that you can keep in mind in order to date a bisexual person. Let us now dive in those facts that you need to know in order to date them.

How To Date A Bisexual?

#1. Understand Their Choices And Preferences

Bisexuals have their own choice and you need to understand and respect the way they are in order to date them. You can not judge them in the entire relationship. Of course, they have interest in both the sexes, but that does not mean that they will prefer another sex over you. If you are dating them, do understand that they are in a relationship with you because they are attracted to you and interested in you. You need to accept their identity and have to be prepared for their attraction towards the same sex and it is as normal as you can get attracted to the opposite. Also, if they have open preferences that does not mean that they can get attracted to everyone.

#2. Respect Their Bisexuality And Accept It As Their Identity

As we discussed in the above point that bisexuality is a part of their individuality. That is their identity like we have ours as a woman or a man. Moreover, you can not judge them on the basis of whom they are in a relationship with. If they are dating the opposite sex, do not assume that they have transformed in a heterosexual. Similarly, if they are dating the same sex, you can not claim them to be homosexual. They are always a bisexual whether they date the same sex or any opposite sex. Accept them the way you want to retain the relationship. Loving each other with accepting all the good and the worse will take your relationship further. There are people who are different from their orientation but it is all the part of the spectrum.

#3. Know That Bisexuality Is Not A Transitory Stage

There was a time in the past and that too not so long back when people used to directly reject the one who said: “I’m a gay”. However, bisexuals more or less never had this severe problem as they at least had interest in the opposite sex as well which is ideal according to the ‘society’. Therefore, homosexuals have also opted for this option to acknowledge that they are bisexual and then said that they transformed into homosexuals. But that is not how the process works. So you need to break this myth that they are in a transitory stage currently and they might turn their backs on you, as soon as they turn into a homosexual. Of course, there have been a few of the cases where people have actually transformed but in most cases, there is no transitory period.

#4. Bisexuals Are Not Promiscuous

People believe that bisexuals have a lot of casual sex and do not claim on their feelings. Whereas this is somewhere true. However, this is also like everyone else does. Many straight people also do not commit and have a ton of casual sex. Being promiscuous does not really comes from orientation, it has more to do with the specific character that a person has. If they want to indulge into a relationship which is healthy and strong, a bisexual will be the same in that sort of relationship as a straight person. For a long time, bisexuals do not act upon their feelings but the reason is not being promiscuous, it is because of the society. After all, it takes time for them to acknowledge their identity in front of the world.

#5. Infidelity Or Indecisiveness Is Not Their Character

In order to date a bisexual, you need to understand that bisexuals are not non-trustworthy, confused, indecisive or infidel. People usually believe that bisexuals just get into a relationship for fun, have their cake time and go away. That’s however, is not the truth. If a person has to cheat, he or she will cheat despite the fact whether they are a bisexual or straight. They are not indecisive but they are afraid to let the world know their identity because of the obvious reasons. Bisexuals make their choices individually as the heterosexuals do. The only difference is that they happen to get attracted towards both the sexes. That is not confusing, that’s their choice of life.

#6. Don’t Make Jealousy An Issue

The whole world is open to them, all the women and the men, that is a sure fact. But that should never be a reason to spoil your relationship. You should acknowledge the fact that they surely have endless options in front of them but they are with you. This simplifies things that they are attracted towards you, so they are in a relationship with. Therefore, do not let the jealousy factor ruin your relationship. Also, a matter of fact is that bisexual, as they have numberless options, they become more conscious and selective about their partner. If you are dating a bisexual, you are one of those selective choices. When it comes to sexual options, they have plenty of them, and they choose you. Therefore, there should be no space for jealousy in that relationship.

#7. Avoid Being Paranoid

Do not spoil a potential relationship or a string and healthy relationship just because of paranoia. Do not panic that they are on their journey to become homosexual at the end of it. If you are dating a bisexual, just try and accept them as they are. The more you will feel paranoid the more you will increase the chances of ruining the relationship. Also, if you are planning to date a person who is bisexual, you need to be very clear on the fact that they have a different identity than yours. Either you should accept them the way you want to have a successful relationship or it will get ruined in a confused state.

#8. Ask questions To Know Better

It is perfectly normal to have the urge to know your partner or potential partner more and more. If you want to know about their life or their orientation, you should ask them directly everything instead of making assumptions. The things that you want to know about them, it is better to ask. Asking questions makes you more informed about the other person. It enhances the relationship and also the odds of the orientations will be explained.

#9. Be Progressive And Open-Minded

Some people still think that bisexuality is a taboo. However, it is not. But in order to date a bisexual, you need to be open-minded and progressive about your mentality. If you will judge their sexuality, you will never be able to retain a relationship with them. You should be optimistic and encouraging towards their choices and values that they follow. If you are happy with them, be happy and enjoy the relationship. Do not let the society's thinking ruin the relationship that is just about to flourish.

#10. Maintain A Healthy Relationship

Try to be honest and open with them and the rest will follow. Share your perspective, thoughts, and feelings with them, so that they feel confident about themselves and the relationship. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, you need to leave the baggage that you are carrying, whether for them or for yourself. Learn to appreciate the good in them and try to accept even the worse. Rather than showing unhealthy criticism, learn to maintain a healthy relationship.

If two people are in love with each other, the sexuality should be the last thing to concern about. This was our guide to date a bisexual. Let us know your thoughts regarding this in the comments section below.

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