Why don't more people adopt children?

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Why don't more people adopt children?

It's all about genes, as they say. Every year number of couples who are genetically incapable of having their own child spend millions of bucks on high tech fertility treatments. Just to get a newborn who is of their own genes they never opt for adoption. New technology, on the other hand, enhances the methods to treat severe dysfunctional diseases regarding reproduction. Many people are aware that adoption can be the solution to such issues and given the fact that upbringing is more important than genes, adoption should be more encouraged. But it is a matter of shame that couples even after knowing that infertility cannot be treated at some point, still do not opt for adoption.

Some people have the capability to reproduce while some don’t. But this does not change the fact that a family cannot be built. Adoption can fulfil the desire to have children in the lives of the less privileged couples. But on the contrary, less adoption is being done as per the recent study. Couples go to any level just to make sure that they have their own baby rather than adopting. The reasons so far are not quite clear as to why these couples tend to waste millions in curing their infertility while there is a chance to adopt.

NOT A CURE! - Stated by many couples and individuals that adoption is not a cure for infertility. When asked why not adopt a baby instead of reproducing? Their answer was always obvious that they want a baby of their own genes. No doubt due to this many homeless children spends their life in an orphanage. These people crave for being pregnant and having their child breastfed. For them, upbringing doesn’t have any value but calling their child their own, matters a lot. They want to get pregnant and feel the joy of having their own child.

A DIFFICULT TASK - Adopting children is considered difficult given the formalities one has to go through while adopting. Several couples who wanted to adopt just dropped the idea because they felt the process was full of frantic issues. Capability along with financial stability are taken into consideration when adoption is done. Due to this most of the couples opt out of the procedure before even giving it a thought. In addition thorough investigation is made to be sure of the background of the parents and if they are of good character or not. The agencies need to be sure that the new parents can take care of the child in future. Thus making adoption less discussed among individuals.

SOCIAL NORMS - Couples who suffer from infertility often feel awkward telling the societies about their problem. This makes them crave for having a child of their own. Since the society may ask them numerous questions at one point regarding the origin of the child, they simply drop out the idea of adoption. They never want their infertility issue to come up in public. Rather wasting millions of rupees is a good option for them. Even if they think of adopting once, the fear of getting bad reviews publicly demolishes the idea of adoption in their mind. Thus they continuously try to bring their own gene to this world.

IGNORANCE - Many people are even unaware of the process of adoption. They don’t know the process and they don’t know where to start. A number couples according to studies were unaware of the complete process of adoption. Unlike others, these couples didn’t want to invest in fertility operations but never opted for adoption due to unawareness. Thus many couples live without a child because of lack of knowledge of adoption. There should be more awareness of adoption, which in turn will encourage people to adopt homeless children in the orphanage.

FINANCE - Being financially unstable is a big reason as to why couples don’t get into the adoption process. Adoption at times is a costly process. Provided the fact that there are several procedures and formalities, getting into adoption may cost a lot. While some people might be able to easily afford the expenses, a majority of the couples are incapable of following the procedure. But there are institutions that offer loans regarding adoption. These institutions act as a great source for funding the adoption process. But people need to be informed about these procedures. Because of unawareness several financially, unstable people miss the chance of adopting a child and raising him.

Definitely, the above-said points are not the only reasons for which couples don’t adopt. There are several underlying reasons which people hold on to themselves and don’t disclose. At times the relatives even force them for surgeries rather than adoption. Selfishness and self-seeking in nature, they are more interested in giving birth rather than adopting. Given the fact that adopting a child is not a simple decision, these people often get hurt by the feeling of not being able to reproduce and at the same time cannot accept the idea to adopt.

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